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Job Search Resources

There are many items to consider and items to complete before starting a job search. The information below will help keep you organized in your job search and preparation!


  1. Identification/Heading ( Name, Address, Telephone and Email)
  2. Job/Career/Professional Objective
  3. Education
  4. Experience
  5. Activities
  6. Special Categories
  7. References
  • Sample Resumes - coming soon

Cover Letters

  1. Identification Heading (Your information, the person you are sending too, their title and contact and information).
  2. Opening Paragraph: Create Attention (Summary, name, request, question openings).
  3. Middle Paragraph(s):  Create desire and value (Education, work experience, ability to work with others, interest in your field, interest in the company and responsibilities on previous assignments).
  4. Closing Paragraph: Call to action (Ask for an interview and follow up).
  5. Always sign letters below the salutation and above your typed name.
  • Sample Cover Letters - coming soon