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Apply today to Thiel College and join our network of over 15,000 alumni! We offer admission on a rolling basis and will review a completed application once official transcripts and official SAT/ACT test scores are received. Read below for a full list of admission requirements. Decisions are typically made within two weeks.

Applying online is free! Students may begin applying to Thiel College on August 1 of their senior year in high school. Ready to take the first step? Start your application now!

Graduate Degree in Speech-Language Pathology Application

Students interested in enrolling in Thiel College's NEW graduate degree program in speech-language pathology should use this online application. The program opens in May 2020.


Returning users, please use the Self Service Center.

Application Instructions and Requirements

Thiel College does not have a minimum grade point average or standardized test score needed for admission, as each student is evaluated on their own academic, extracurricular and social merits. However, research shows success at Thiel College can be measured by a student's performance in their high school course work and rigor.

After submitting an application, students must also submit:

  • Official high school transcripts (required)
  • Scores from the ACT/SAT (required)
  • Thiel College accepts scores from both the old and new versions of the SAT. We will superscore the Math and Critical Reading portions of the SAT to give you the highest overall composite score. However, Thiel will not superscore a mix of old and new versions of the SAT. For more information about converting old and new SAT scores, students can use the College Board’s SAT Score Converter. Thiel College does not superscore the ACT.

Recommended High School Curriculum

The admission committee recommends the following high school curriculum to best prepare students for academic success at Thiel College:

English - 4 units
Mathematics (including algebra II) - 3 units*
Natural science (with labs preferred) - 3 units*
Social science - 2 units
Foreign language - 2 units
Academic electives - 4 units
Total - 18 units

*Candidates considering majors in the sciences, accounting or mathematics are strongly encouraged to complete four courses each of mathematics and science in their high school programs.

Notification of Admission

Thiel College admits students on a rolling basis. The first notifications for admission will be mailed in early September, for those who applied in early August. After that date, applicants are notified of admission decisions on a rolling basis within one to two weeks upon the completion of their application. Students’ high school GPA will be used for the awarding of a merit scholarship.

Thiel College honors the National Candidates Reply date of May 1 for students to submit their enrollment deposit. Students are still able to make their deposit after May 1, however the $150 enrollment deposit will be non-refundable.

Home School Student Information

Thiel College welcomes home school students to apply for admission! Additionally, we welcome applications from students who have been home-schooled for all or part of their secondary education. All home school applicants are eligible for merit-based scholarships and financial aid consideration.

In addition to the application, home school students must include the following documents:

  • ACT or SAT scores (should be sent directly from ACT/SAT)
  • High school transcript –Applicants must produce a transcript demonstrating courses taken, grades achieved, and completion of high school, signed and dated by the parent educator.

Adult Students

Students that are a year or more removed from high school or GED graduation must also submit official high school or GED transcripts, as well as ACT or SAT board scores.

Apply Today!

Thiel College features rolling admissions, a quick turnaround on application decisions and a free laptop for first-year students! Interested in learning more about the application process? Request more information!