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High School Students

High School Students

Whether you’re just getting started in your college search or are midway through your senior year, it’s never too early (or too late) to get started on your journey to Thiel.

Students still attending high school can explore the dual enrollment option.  In addition, Thiel began the College in the High School option for participating schools in the fall of 2017.  Information on this exciting program is listed below.  Also below, you can learn what to do next in the college search using our timeline.

College in High School Program

Thiel College is pleased to partner with local high schools in awarding college credit for certain courses that may be taken on the high school campus and taught by qualified high school teachers. By supporting the teaching of freshman college-level courses in the high school, Thiel College collaborates with the high school faculty and students and provides an opportunity for students to earn college credits on the high school campus.

Students may register for one or more of the approved courses through their high school and, upon successful completion of the course (a grade of C- or higher), receive college credit from Thiel College.

2018-2019 CHS Important Information

2018-2019 CHS Costs

  • $280 per 3 credit hour course

If you would like any additional information, or to see if your high school is participating in this program, please contact the College in High School Program Coordinator, Justin Gregorich, at 724-765-0618 via call or text message.

College Search Timeline



  • Take the PSAT in the fall, and the SAT reasoning test and/or ACT and AP tests in the spring
  • Create a list of colleges and universities you would like to visit. Include large, small, rural, urban schools to see which type campus suits you best
  • Continue to take and seek out challenging courses. Join an academic club. Start or update an academic resume. Assume leadership roles in your activities and sports. Consider putting together a portfolio that highlights your special skills and talents
  • Plan your visit to Thiel College!
  • The summer before your senior year, identify the people you would like to write letters of recommendation (not required for Thiel College) for you. Contact them and provide the names and contact information for the schools where you intend to apply
  • Begin your job shadowing to determine if the major you are thinking is a viable option


Learn more about general college search timelines at Know How 2 Go.