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Your years at Thiel College will afford you the opportunity to work closely with dedicated faculty and other students, to learn to think critically and solve problems. But Thiel’s commitment to you does not end there.

The Academic Records Office offers a number of services for our students, alumni, administration, faculty and staff, including:

  • Transcript requests and enrollment verifications
  • Course registration and final exam schedules
  • Withdrawals and readmissions
  • Coordination of Advancement Placement (AP), International Baccalaureate (IB) and College Level Examination Program credits
  • Credit transfers to and from Thiel (see our Credit Transfer Policy)

Important Forms

Independent study and/or special projects can be undertaken with the approval of a faculty member. These forms can be found in the Academic Records Office.


Accepted incoming students: Accepted students will register for classes during scheduled registration days

Current Thiel students: Registration occurs each semester online through Self-Service. Registration opens for each class at designated times, with seniors preregistering first, followed by juniors and then sophomores. Check the Academic Calendar (2021-2022) for your designated registration start. Schedule an appointment with your academic adviser prior to registration to discuss your courses.

Online Consortium Courses

Thiel College offers a variety of online courses through Acadeum, a consortium of like-minded accredited colleges and universities that share online course offerings. A course taken through this consortium is considered institutional credit and will impact student grade-point averages just like Thiel College course.

Students must click the link, sign up for an account using their Thiel student email, verify their Thiel student email and register for pre-approved courses. Please note that all registrations are still dependent on Thiel College approval on a student-by-student basis. If you have any questions please contact the Office of the Registrar at registrar@thiel.edu or 724-589-2110.

Student Academic Records, Transcript Requests and Enrollment Verification

Student academic records are maintained in the Academic Records Office in Roth Hall.  The reproduction and sending of transcripts/records are governed by federal legislation (under Section 438 of the Family Education Rights to Privacy Act of 1974 as amended).  Transcripts will not be released without written permission from the student.

Enrollment Verifications

Thiel College has authorized the National Student Clearinghouse to provide enrollment and degree verifications. The National Student Clearinghouse can be contacted at:

  • www.degreeverify.org
  • National Student Clearinghouse, 2300 Dulles Station Boulevard, Suite 300, Herndon, VA 20171
Advanced Placement (AP)/ International Baccalaureate (IB)/ College Level Examination Programs

Advanced placement and/or credits may be granted to entering students under the following programs.

  • Advanced Placement Program (AP), as instituted by the College Entrance Examination Board—Advanced placement and credit may be granted to accepted students who show satisfactory scores on AP exams. A score of five results in exempt status from the equivalent course and the awarding of appropriate credit hours for that course; a score of four results in exemption from the equivalent course; and scores of three and below are not considered. For a full listing of courses, download our Thiel College AP Exam Policy.
  • International Baccalaureate (IB): Thiel awards credit and/or advanced placement to students earning the international baccalaureate (IB) diploma/certificate. Scores of six and seven result in exempt status from the equivalent course at the Standard Level (SL); and scores of five, six and seven at the Higher Level (HL) of study result in exempt status from the equivalent course and the awarding of appropriate credit hours for that course.
  • College Level Examination Program: Those scoring appropriately well on these tests may receive both credit and placement at Thiel College in the freshman and sophomore levels. New students must submit scores to the registrar before the student completes his or her first regular term of work after matriculation or readmission. Thiel will accept as many as 60 credit hours of work through CLEP tests. Scores above the 49th percentile will qualify for credit toward elective general college requirements with review by the appropriate departments relative to credit toward a major, while scores above the 75th percentile will qualify for elective, general college or major requirements. There is a $15 per credit hour administrative fee for courses received, processed and placed on the official transcript for credit applied to a degree program. Thiel College administers CLEP examinations on a rolling basis.
Summer Session

Summer session at Thiel College includes a limited, but intensive slate of courses that offer the same high-quality instruction as regular academic year courses, but are smaller, less formal and encourage increased interaction between students and faculty.

Whether you’re a student from another college, a Thiel student looking to get ahead for the upcoming year, a college-bound high school student looking to get a jump on earning college credit or just looking to delve more deeply into a topic, a summer session at Thiel College might be just what you’re looking for.

Courses are offered in May, June and July. There are also online and evening options. For more information, check back in the spring.

Withdrawals and Readmission

To formally withdraw from Thiel, a student must secure the proper form from our office and file the completed form with the registrar. Any student who officially withdraws and is interested in returning to Thiel College must complete the readmission form.

Please note: Any student who is accepted for readmission must meet all College and departmental requirements as stated in the academic catalog at the time of readmission.

Probation/Academic Suspension

Students who withdraw while on probation or who have been academically suspended may apply for readmission by writing a letter to the registrar. This letter must include:

  • A statement of the student's short-term and long-term goals
  • Adequate evidence that since leaving Thiel, the student has developed the necessary maturity, motivation and academic skills to pursue an academic program to successful completion

The Academic Standing Committee will review the petition and determine whether readmission is warranted.

Right to Privacy

Under Section 438 of the Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act of 1974 as amended, all students, and parents of minor students are provided the opportunity to review the student’s educational record and to seek correction of information contained in those records.

Furthermore, disclosure of information from student records will be limited to professional staff of the College and those persons designated through written request by the student.