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Listed below are the requirements for this minor.

A student who graduates from Thiel College with a theatre minor will:

  • demonstrate a working knowledge of the various aspects of  theatre production;
  • articulate the development of Western performance traditions from Ancient Greece until modern times;
  • employ effective performance techniques in performance;
  • read and analyze plays from diverse periods and cultures;
  • discuss specific social, cultural, and political contexts as reflected in contemporaneous dramatic texts and performance practices; and
  • design and construct technical elements for productions.

Minor Requirements (20 CH)

  • THAR 287 Theatre History I: To the Renaissance (3 CH) 
  • THAR 297 Theatre History II: Renaissance to Today (3 CH)
  • THAR 217 Intro to Technical Theatre (3 CH)
  • THAR 257 Basic Acting (4 CH)
  • THAR 347 Advanced Acting & Directing (4 CH) 
  • ENG 350 Shakespeare I (3 CH) or ENG 330 Dramatic Literature (3 CH)