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Welcome to the Office for Multicultural Student Affairs (OMSA)

The Office for Multicultural Student Affairs (OMSA) supports incoming and current American students of color with their cultural, educational and social transition into the Thiel community. Our office promotes cultural awareness and support to our students of color in order to foster a community where our underrepresented students can grow and thrive.

Our Mission

The mission of the Office for Multicultural Student Affairs is to support and promote academic success while developing multicultural and social competence, civic engagement, and retention of students from historically underrepresented racial/ethnic groups. Our office seeks to identify and eliminate barriers to foster an equitable and diverse environment. Our goal is for all students, faculty, and staff to obtain understanding and cultivate awareness of differences.

Our Vision

To develop culturally competent global citizens.

Our Values

Freedom of inquiry is at the center of our value system and is the basis from which we study with curiosity, live together with civility, serve society, respect one another, build our community, deepen our faith, express our creativity, and experience our independence in pursuit of truth.

Our Motto

Love, Grow, Graduate and Give Back.

Our Programs

  • Appreciation of heritage months
    • Hispanic Heritage Month: September 15th – October 15th
    • Disability Awareness Month: October
    • LGBT+ History Month: October
    • National Coming Out Day: October 11th
    • Native American Heritage Month: November
    • International Transgender Day: November 20th
    • Black History Month: February
    • Women History Month: March
  • Diversity and social justice workshops
  • Intergroup dialogue series
  • Cultural performances
  • Sponsoring attendees at conferences

And more!