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Host Family Program

To help our international students adjust to living and studying in the United States, we have created the Thiel College Host Family Program. The program offers international students another opportunity to learn more about American culture and gain additional emotional support. In turn, host families taking part in this rewarding program gain much from learning about another culture from our international students.

All international students are required to turn in a host family application by the appropriate due date and must participate in an interview with the Office of International Student Affairs staff in order to be considered to receive a host family. International students interested in participating in the program must meet all requirements (each student will receive the list of requirements during orientation) in order to be considered.

Note: Due to high demand, international student applicants may not be placed into a host family at the onset of the semester; students may be put on a wait list depending on the availability of host families and how well the international student and available host family schedules correspond with one another.

Conversation Leader Program

The Conversation Leader Program (CLP) matches international students with Thiel students as a way to practice and learn English, build friendships and share cultures. In addition to meeting one-on-one with an assigned CLP leader, there are monthly activities for CLP leaders and students to attend as one large group. Check out some recent activities in our photo gallery!

Common activities include:

  • Attending campus events
  • Eating meals together
  • Going to the mall/shopping
  • Cooking meals together

Leadership Documents (for CLP Leaders) - coming soon