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Coronavirus Updates
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The safety of Thiel College’s students, faculty and staff is our top priority. The College has been proactive in relaying information to students, parents and the entire Thiel community during these unprecedented times. Below are all of the COVID-19 specific campus updates from March 12 to present.

We will continue to share campus updates and information to this page as the situation progresses.

COVID-19 Health & Safety Plan and Reference Guide

The following information is a general reference guide to the College’s COVID-19 Health and Safety Plan.

Monday, July 13 - Out-Of-State Travelers Self-Quarantine Information

*Monday, July 13:

Thiel College, in compliance with Pennsylvania Governor Tom Wolf's recent guidance, recommends 14 days of self-quarantine for individuals entering the state from one of several other states where COVID-19 cases are currently rising. Click the link below to see the complete list of states, and the College's plans for students traveling from those states.

Thursday, July 2 - Athletics Campus Update

*Thursday, July 2:

Thiel College Director of Athletics Amy Schafer held a campus update meeting to discuss the policy changes in response to COVID-19. Watch the complete session below.

Monday, June 22 - Admissions Campus Visitor Policy

*Monday, June 22:

The Thiel College Office of Admission has an updated campus visitation policy effective June 22, 2020.

Thursday, June 11 - Financial Aid/Student Accounts Campus Update

*Thursday, June 11:

Thiel College Executive Director of Financial Aid Cindy Farrell ’77 and Student Accounts Supervisor Stacey Yake held a virtual meeting and campus update session to discuss changes to financial aid and student accounts in the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic. Watch the full session below.

Thursday, June 4 - Student Life Campus Update

*Thursday, June 4:

Thiel College Vice President for Student Life & Dean of Students Michael McKinney ’02 held a virtual meeting and campus update session to discuss changes to student life and housing in the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic. Watch the full session below.

Friday, May 29 - Academic Affairs Campus Update

*Friday, May 29:

Thiel College Vice President for Academic Affairs and Dean of the College Liz Frombgen, Ph.D., held a virtual meeting and campus update session to discuss changes to the academic calendar and academic policies in the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic. Watch the full session below.

Friday, May 22 - Campus Visitor Policy

*Friday, May 22:

Thiel College has updated its Campus Visitor Policy. Please download and read the new visitor policy below.

Thursday, May 14 - CARES Act FAQ

*Thursday, May 14:

Learn more about the CARES Act and important FAQ for Thiel College Students:

Tuesday, May 12 - On-campus item pick up Con't

*Tuesday, May 12:

On-campus item pick up:

Students should have received an email last week through a website called signupgenius.com to register for dates and times to return to campus and retrieve your items. Each slot is two hours in length, and only a limited number of students can sign up to be retrieving items in each facility at one time to adhere to physical distancing requirements.

Based on Governor Wolf’s orders and in concern for the safety of our students and community, the following guidelines will be in place as part of the retrieval process:

  • All students, employees and visitors are required to wear face coverings while on-campus.
  • Students will be allowed only one guest to join them to help pack-up their belongings.
  • Each student is limited to the two hour time slot she or he signs-up for.  Should you need additional time, we will work with you to schedule another trip to campus.
  • Physical distancing is necessary.  Students and their helper should try to remain at least 6 feet apart from other individuals whenever possible. 
  • Entrance and hallway doors will be propped open to reduce the need to touch doorknobs.
  • Students and guests are not permitted to visit other locations on campus.
    •  If a student needs to retrieve a belonging from another campus location, please contact Bob Phillips at rphillips@thiel.edu and we will either deliver the item(s) to your housing before you return to campus, or work with you on another plan.
    • Items remaining in student mailboxes will also be delivered to your housing prior to your scheduled move-out time.
  • Students who have been recently diagnosed with COVID-19, are currently experiencing symptoms of COVID-19, and/or are aware of recent exposure to someone diagnosed with or suspected to have COVID-19 should contact our Campus Nurse, Patty Alfredo, at Health_services@thiel.edu to schedule an appointment to discuss alternate plans for retrieving your items.
  • Housekeeping and other staff will be present during the move-out process to clean and disinfect common spaces between time slots.
  • Students will also be provided envelopes to turn-in their housing and mailbox keys. There will be a drop-off location designated for each facility.

Wednesday, May 6 - On-campus item pick up

*Wednesday, May 6:

On-campus item pick up:

Thiel College will be implementing a phased process over a 16-day period once the Governor’s loosened restrictions go into effect for Mercer County that will alow students, in limited numbers, to return to campus and retrieve their belongings.

Students will signup for two-hour time slots. A limited number of students can sign up to be retrieving items in each facility at one time to adhere to physical distancing requirements. For more information on scheduling, contact Bob Phillips ’06.

The following guidelines will be in place as part of the retrieval process:

  • All students, employees and visitors are required to wear face coverings while on-campus.
  • Students will be allowed only one guest to join them to help pack-up their belongings.
  • Each student is limited to the two-hour time slot she or he signs-up for. Should you need additional time, we will work with you to schedule another trip to campus.
  • Physical distancing is necessary. Students and their helper should try to remain at least six feet apart from other individuals whenever possible. 
  • Entrance and hallway doors will be propped open to reduce the need to touch doorknobs.
  • Students and guests are not permitted to visit other locations on campus.

Housekeeping and other staff will be present during the move-out process to clean and disinfect common spaces between time slots.

During this time offices will remain closed and services will continue to be offered remotely.

Tuesday, May 5 - eCampus bookstore info

*Tuesday, May 5:

eCampus bookstore information:

Students who left rental books on campus that need to be returned can contact eCampus customer service at 859-209-6958 or email the online bookstore, and eCampus will work with students on a case-by-case basis. 

For the spring 2020 buyback, the eCampus bookstore is offering something EXTRA for students! To promote the Thiel College online buyback, eCampus is giving away a $250 textbook scholarship and free pizza for a year to one lucky student who sells back at least one textbook from now until June 1.

Archived: Thursday, March 12 - Monday, April 27

*Monday, April 27:

Graduating seniors are invited to try out to be the Senior Orator at the 2020 Graduation Ceremony that we are hoping to hold over Homecoming Weekend in the Fall 2020 semester. Even though we won’t be having a live commencement as originally scheduled in May, we would still like to celebrate the event by having graduating seniors participate in the ceremony once we are able to hold it in person.

On Friday, May 1, there will be try-outs held via Microsoft Teams at 2:00 p.m. Students interested in participating should contact Dr. Jared Hanneman by Wednesday, April 29 at 5:00 p.m. via email at jhanneman@thiel.edu to let him know and send out the Microsoft Teams meeting invitation to all participants. All candidates are expected to have prepared a five-minute speech to give to some faculty and staff. Please contact Dr. Hanneman on or before Wednesday, April 29, if you are planning to participate or if you have any questions.

Any interested student should be as certain as possible that, if selected, they will be able to attend the Graduation Ceremony currently being planned for Homecoming Weekend. Clearly the events of the last couple of months have shown us that anything can happen, but, if you are selected, we would very much hope that you will be able to be present at the ceremony to give your speech this Fall.

Please use this sentence for the introduction: "Dr. Traverso, members of the Board of Trustees, administration, faculty, staff, family, friends, and fellow graduates of the class of 2020: I am grateful for this opportunity to address you on such a joyous and important occasion."

*Tuesday, April 7:

The College will continue to follow the Easter Break schedule as listed on the Academic Calendar (2020-2021).

*Wednesday, April 1:

Updated academic grading policies for the remainder of the semester:

Thiel College is allowing students to request that courses which are normally graded (A, B, C, etc…) be converted to a pass/fail (P/F). Courses that earn a P will not be included in calculation of the semester or overall GPA, but the credits will count toward the relevant graduation requirements as appropriate. This option will not be available for all courses. For example, core courses are fulfilled by earning a C-or higher and are unlikely to be appropriate for pass/fail. Students should submit requests for P/F by April 9. Students that select this option are expected to complete their course objectives at an appropriate level to earn a passing grade. In all cases, students are expected to continue to participate in their online courses until the end of the semester.

Beyond Thiel’s policies, there are also external factors that a student should consider before making this choice. For example, some graduate and professional programs will not accept a P/F course. There may also be negative financial consequences for some students based on the stipulations of their scholarships and grants. Those policies may change in the coming months, but they may also remain the same. Therefore, Dean Frombgen and Associate Dean Butcher, in consultation with our Financial Aid office, will review all requests so we can offer guidance to students as they make their choices.

Secondly, seniors who are unable to complete a practicum project because of the COVID-19 situation should reach out to Dr. Hanneman (Scholarship projects) or Dean Frombgen (Citizenship and Leadership projects) to request that this requirement waived. Students that have prepared presentations are encouraged to work with their home departments, or can contact Dr. Butcher to arrange a virtual audience. All other students will have these types of experiential learning activities incorporated into their major requirements starting in the fall.

Finally, we appreciate that the realities of home life may change rapidly for some of our students in the coming weeks. For example, if a student or a member of their family becomes ill, it may not be possible for her/him to complete coursework within the normal academic semester. In those cases, it is advisable for the student to request an Incomplete from the relevant faculty member. This will provide the student with additional time to complete work once she/he is able to do so. Dean Frombgen and Associate Dean Butcher will work with each case to determine an appropriate timeframe based on the circumstances.

If you have any questions or concerns, please contact your academic adviser or Dr. Butcher.

*Thursday, March 26:

As you may have read in previous updates (Monday, March 23), we will continue online classes through the end of the semester, and pro-rata refunds will be issued for room and board. Those refunds will affect many students regarding the housing lottery, so we are delaying the lottery to give Financial Services and Student Accounts time to apply refunds to each student’s account accordingly.

New login times by earned credits (credits earned through December 2019):

  • Current seniors/“super seniors” (88+): April 6–7
  • Current juniors (58-87 credits): April 8–9
  • Current sophomores (26-57 credits): April 13–14
  • Current first-year and all others (25 or less): April 15–16

In regard to room and board refunds, the College is planning to adopt the following policy, but this is still pending federal financial aid guidance and further information regarding the stimulus package. Graduating seniors will receive refunds (net of any unpaid balance) at the end of the semester. All other students will receive credit (net of any unpaid balance) against their 2020-21 student account. The College is not requiring current students to submit a housing deposit to participate in room selection this year due to the potential pro-rata credit.

At this time, the campus remains closed to the public, in compliance with the Governor’s order regarding business operations across the Commonwealth. Thiel College’s priority is the health and well-being of our students, employees and the community at-large. As soon as the College can reopen to the public, the College will contact students and make arrangements about collecting their belongings from campus.

Students are also welcome to leave their belongings on campus through the end of the semester if public buildings and facilities are reopened prior to the end of the semester.

The College appreciates your patience during these unprecedented times.

*Tuesday, March 24:

The Thiel College Counseling Center has been working to provide an option for tele-mental health services (distance counseling). At this time, tele-mental health services offered by the Counseling Center can be provided to students who are in the state of Pennsylvania. The requirement that the student be physically located in the state of Pennsylvania is a mandate per state licensure regulations. Tele-mental health can be offered through two modalities- video sessions through the platform Microsoft Teams and phone sessions. These tele-mental health sessions will be offered at no cost. Students will be screened to determine if this is an appropriate modality of treatment on a case-by-case basis.  If you are physically located in Pennsylvania and are interested in learning more about this option, please contact Melanie Broadwater, Director of the Counseling Center, at mbroadwater@thiel.edu. For those students not located in the state of Pennsylvania, the counselors remain available to assist you in locating a mental health professional in your home community. 

*Monday, March 23:

Guided by CDC directives, Thiel will now be extending online instruction through the end of the semester. We realize this is both a disappointment and a hardship, and we took this step only after extended consideration and consultation. 

Seniors who complete all requirements will graduate on May 3, as scheduled, but the Commencement ceremony will be postponed until it is safe and feasible to host a large event on campus.

Online registration for summer and the fall semesters will continue as originally scheduled and be completed online, as is the current practice. Room selection will also continue online, and Student Life will communicate the revised dates. Continuing students should be sure to complete their FAFSA if they have not already done so. The College will begin issuing returning student financial aid packages for the academic year 2020-21 in April.   

Federal and state financial aid agencies are in the process of issuing regulations regarding the reimbursement of expenses for residential students. The College intends to issue a pro-rata refund of room and board charges to graduating seniors at the end of the semester. All other residential students will be granted a pro-rata refund as a credit toward any current charges and the 2020-21 academic year. Questions regarding student accounts may be directed to Stacey Yake at 724-589-2810, syake@thiel.edu after April 1.

As soon as we can reopen to the public, Vice President Mike McKinney will make arrangements with students about collecting their belongings from campus. Students are also welcome to leave their belongings on campus through the end of the semester if that is more convenient. The federal government may be offering aid to students and families who incur expenses related to additional travel as a result of this semester’s disruption. We will keep you posted regarding potential aid and other information about additional support and resources for college students at this time.

We are in close communication with our state and federal elected officials as well as with higher education organizations as they pursue support for students as well as colleges and universities. We will continue to share updates and communications as this unprecedented situation unfolds, making every effort to maintain the sense of community that we cherish at Thiel.

If you have questions or concerns related to Student Affairs, please contact Vice President Mike McKinney at 724-589-2600 or mmckinney@thiel.edu. For Academic Affairs questions or concerns, please contact Vice President Liz Frombgen at 724-589-2200 or efrombgen@thiel.edu.

*Friday, March 20:

In compliance with Gov. Wolf’s March 19, 2020 order, the Thiel College campus is closed to the public. Thiel employees should plan to work from home as directed by their supervisors until further notice. During this time, only authorized personnel will be allowed on campus. All other work, including online instruction, will be accomplished remotely. This closure will remain in effect until the order is lifted by Gov. Wolf.

This arrangement continues the public closure of the campus and WFH arrangements announced on Monday, March 16.

*Tuesday, March 17:

Access to Facilities: As of today, no students and few employees will have access to campus facilities (with exception to students who we are working with to arrange travel home).  A limited number of personnel will be on-campus throughout the WFH period in order to help support the continuation of business. 

Academic Affairs Information

Course Work/Classes: Online instruction begins Wednesday, March 18 for all of your courses at Thiel College. Please check your email and Moodle for messages from your instructors. For technology related questions, please see the information about Information Technology Services in the Campus Operations Information section below. Your instructors can address other course related questions. 

Free Online Books through eCampus: eCampus has partnered with their Online Bookstore’s digital course materials platform, VitalSource, and leading publishers to launch VitalSource Helps. This program is offering free access to ebooks for students who may have lost access to course materials with the rapid move to distance learning.

If you previously accessed textbooks via the library, shared a book with a classmate, or left your books on campus, visit bookshelf.vitalsource.com to access free ebooks through May 25. VitalSource Helps provides access to tens of thousands of ebooks, but some content may not be available.

Getting Started: To access free materials, you must use your XXXXXXX@thiel.edu email address to log in or create an account. Before you get started, we encourage you to review this student FAQ.

Thiel Learning Commons Services: The Thiel Learning Commons will be offering academic coaching and supplemental learning services (peer tutoring, SI, PAL, Test Reviews, and Writing Lab) remotely utilizing phone conversations, email exchanges and/or video chats.  Students can also request a peer tutor during this time, and the TLC will make an effort to match the student with a peer tutor.  Please see the attached document for more information about TLC services. 

Disability Services: The Disability Resource Center (DRC) will continue to work with students to provide academic accommodations to students who are eligible.  Students should reach out to the DRC Coordinator, Liza Schaef, at lschaef@thiel.edu with questions and concerns. Liza will consult with the student and work with faculty to provide needed accommodations based on the student’s disability and how their disability is impacting them in the (online) classroom environment.  

Liza will also be available for virtual office hours via Microsoft Teams or Zoom. Student appointments will be scheduled as needed between 9:30 a.m. to noon & 1–3:30 p.m. Monday–Friday.

Library: The Library facility will be closed during the WFH period. To access library resources from off-campus locations please login to the Thiel Hub and choose "Library."  This will give you access to the "Library Databases" page of the Library website. If you would like to access any of our Ebscohost Databases from off-campus locations, not using Hub access, email Tressa Snyder, tsnyder@thiel.edu.

If you have specific reference questions (including reserve materials for coursework) you may access our Virtual Reference Services by emailing Tressa Snyder or Allen Morrill.

Career Development: Students should continue to contact Clarissa Arbuckle at carbuckle@thiel.edu for an appointment via College Central. College Central also provides podcasts on professional development and numerous documents pertaining to resume/cover letter writing and interviewing, including the Career Center’s own Resume and CV Guide. We have attached a pre-recorded webinar for students needing guidance on how to use College Central. 

Students can also continue using www.onetonline.org to learn more about specific occupations. Students unsure of their major/career path can also login to FOCUS2 to obtain free access to career inventories: https://www.focus2career.com/Portal/Login.cfm?SID=1513. The access code to create a free login is "tomcats."

Class Registration for Fall 2020: Registration for the fall semester continues as originally planned. If you have not yet met with your advisor, contact them via email to set up an advising session. This may occur through phone, facetime, skype, email, or another system that works for both of you. Once you are authorized to register, you may do so through self-service as usual. Registration for sophomores is currently in progress and will open at 6 a.m. for all students on the 18th. If you are unable to contact your advisor, notify Dr. Butcher (gbutcher@thiel.edu).

Student Life and Wellness Information

Counseling Services: During the WFH period, it is recommended that you seek mental health treatment in your home community, just as you would during the summer break.  If you would like assistance in linking to a resource in your community, Counseling Center personnel will be happy to assist you.  If you would be interested in a tele-mental health option, you may want to contact your health insurance company by calling the phone number on the back of your insurance card.  Your insurance company can then direct you to a tele-mental health provider if one is available and covered by your insurance. 

Crisis resources include the following:

  • National Suicide Prevention Hotline: 1-800-273-TALK (8255)
  • Crisis Text Line: 741741
  • Mercer County Crisis Hotline: 724-662-2227

The following is a link to a website that provides helpful tips on managing anxiety related to coronavirus:  https://theconversation.com/7-science-based-strategies-to-cope-with-coronavirus-anxiety-133207

Counseling Center personnel will remain available to support students through email (mbroadwater@thiel.edu or JWitherite@thiel.edu) and to answer questions about seeking treatment in your community and provide assistance in linking to resources.

Health Services: During this time, students are encouraged to contact their Primary Health Care Physician and/or seek medical attention in their community.  If you need assistance or guidance obtaining the proper care, please contact Nurse Patty Alfredo at health_services@thiel.edu

Student Activities: Please look for emails about upcoming virtual events. Than is always planning something fun and new, and you do not want to miss out on an opportunity for the giveaways that he has in store.  Please also follow the College’s social media outlets for updates, activities, etc. As Tomcats, we can create fun in this virtual world and you are encouraged to stay connected with your friends via technology.

Room Draw/Housing Selection/Residence Life: Room Draw will be postponed, and new dates will be sent out via email. Students wishing to pay their room deposit during the WFH and online periods can mail a check to the following address. Please include “Housing Deposit” in the memo.

Stacey Yake
Thiel College
75 College Avenue
Greenville, PA 16125

For questions about room draw please contact Diana Mazur at dmazur@thiel.edu.  For other questions about residence life, please contact Bob Phillips at rphillips@thiel.edu.

Public Safety: Public Safety will remain staffed 24 hours a day and 7 days a week throughout the WFH and online periods.  For questions or assistance, please contact 724-589-2222. 

Information about Other Campus Operations and Services

Information Technology (IT) Services: The IT help desk will be staffed Monday through Friday from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. for remote service. Students can contact the IT help line at 724-589-4000 or email SolutionCenter@thiel.edu for technology assistance. The IT web page also provides the option to submit a support ticket at the following link https://resources.thiel.edu/theforms/it-support-request-form.htm.

Post Office: All mail/packages received at the campus post office will be held for students during the online and WFH periods. If you are expecting mail or a package during this time and would like it forwarded to your home address please contact Anita Lillie at alillie@thiel.edu or 724-589-2230. You will be responsible for all postal charges and will be able to pay via credit/debit card over the phone. (Please do not send credit/debit card information through email.)

Student Employment: Students will receive an email message later in the month with instructions on how to report hours worked in March. If you have immediate questions, please contact Kim Braden at kbraden@thiel.edu.

*Monday, March 16:

Guided by the Centers for Disease Control and the Pennsylvania Department of Health, Governor Tom Wolf held a press conference this afternoon where he issued a statewide ‘stay calm, stay safe, stay home’ directive for the next two weeks.  In compliance with the Governor, Thiel will adopt a work from home (WFH) arrangement effective March 17 through March 30, 2020. We will continue to assess this arrangement and communicate as necessary.

The College will continue to support students as they work remotely on their academic classes and will continue to provide other essential campus services; however, the campus itself will be closed to the general public until March 31. 

It is expected for all employees to consult with their supervisors to establish work tasks and flows of communication to fulfill assigned work responsibilities from home.  No face-to-face meetings or other gatherings will be held on campus during this time period.

Some personnel may be asked to report to campus as needed. Otherwise, staff should not report to campus or plan to work in their offices unless requested by their supervisor. Any employee who is sick or who has been exposed to someone who may be positive for COVID-19 should not come to campus.

Given the expectation for campus to limit its physical operations at this time, Vice President of Student Life and Dean of Students Mike McKinney is working with the remaining students on campus to arrange their departure. International students will be supported to complete their academic work remotely without returning to campus this semester. 

At this point, we continue to plan for all other students to return to campus on Sunday, April 5, with face-to-face classes resuming Monday, April 6; however, those plans may be altered as necessary. Thiel will provide an update to students and families on Monday, March 23, regarding any further adjustments to the academic calendar. In the meantime, students should stay closely engaged with their professors and academic course work through online and remote arrangements. Learning and Career Services will also be available to students through remote means.

*Thursday, March 12:

Thiel College has been in consultation with the PA Department of Health and have been using Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) guidelines to stay informed on the ways to slow or prevent the spreading of the COVID-19 virus. The College has decided to reduce activities on campus over the next three weeks while ensuring students the ability to continue their coursework.

While no cases of COVID-19 have been identified on our campus or in Mercer County, we are taking pro-active steps to promote social distancing as a way of maintaining the well-being of our campus and the larger community.

The following items are effective Friday, March 13:

  • All classes will be canceled Friday, March 13; Monday, March 16; and Tuesday, March 17. During this time, faculty will be preparing online instruction for the coming weeks. In this time, students should check email daily for updates from their professors and the College. Students are expected to continue work on material that was assigned prior to the cancellation and that might have come due during the canceled class periods.
  • Unless approved to remain on campus, students should plan to depart from campus housing by 5 p.m., Friday.
  • All classes will be held online from Wednesday, March 18 through at least April 3. The Thiel Solution Center will have extended hours to assist students and faculty with any technology issues. Classes are scheduled to resume on campus on Monday, April 6, but online instruction may be extended into April.
    • Before leaving campus, all students should ensure that their Microsoft Office Products are downloaded, updated and working (Word, Excel, Outlook, etc.).
      Further, all students should have reliable access to:
      • email through their phone, laptop or webmail
      • Moodle
      • The Thiel Hub (network drives, password reset, academic applications)
  • The residence halls will be restricted only to students who have been given permission to remain on campus. We encourage students to return to their permanent home through April 5 and practice the recommended safeguards against the coronavirus. Spring-season varsity athletes, student teachers, and those who cannot return home or have special circumstances may petition for permission to remain on campus. All students must complete the Residential Plan Form to indicate their plans to depart campus or petition to remain in residence. Please go to erezlife.com/, and under Forms on the menu, click on the Residential Plan Form (COVID-19). No off-campus visitors will be allowed in the residence halls, and students will be expected to limit any off-campus travel.
  • Food service will continue to provide adjusted meal service on campus.
  • All athletic competitions (on and off-campus) will be suspended indefinitely. Per the decision of the Presidents’ Athletic Conference.
  • All College-sponsored travel is canceled through April 3 unless approved by the president.
  • Large meetings and events will not be held on campus through April 5.
  • The College and all offices will remain open with employees reporting to work as scheduled. Arrangements to work from home may be possible on a case-to-case basis.

Adjustments to student accounts may be made at the end of the semester when state and federal financial aid policies have been clarified.

Thiel College officials continue to monitor the situation during this period. Announcements about any further reduction of activities or access to campus will be posted to the College website and communicated by email and social media. Public Safety remains available 24/7 and can be reached at 724-589-2222.

We appreciate your understanding as we take these precautions to do as much as we can to keep the members of our community safe, while also allowing students to complete the semester and stay on track for graduation. We will continue to monitor the national spread of COVID-19 closely, as well as the recommendations of local, state, and federal agencies.

Presidents’ Athletic Conference Response

The Presidents’ Athletic Conference (PAC) Presidents Council determined it to be in the best interest of the health and safety of its students, faculty, staff and campus communities to indefinitely suspend all varsity athletically-related activities as of Friday, March 13.

Along with the leadership of its member institutions, the PAC will continue to monitor the rapidly-evolving situation related to the Coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic.

The decision by the PAC Presidents Council to indefinitely suspend all varsity athletically-related activities came after the March 12 announcement by the National Collegiate Athletic Association (NCAA) canceling the remaining winter and spring championships.

Thiel College and the PAC remains confident that proceeding with an abundance of caution is in the best interest of all our member institutions and local communities.

Technology Recommendations

The Thiel College I.T. Department recommends that all students, prior to leaving campus, should verify that the following are updated and accessible on their laptops/mobile devices:

  • Microsoft Office Products are downloaded and working (Word, Excel, Outlook, etc.)
  • Email accessibility either on phone, laptop, or webmail
  • Moodle access
  • Thiel Hub access (network drives, password reset, academic applications)

The I.T. Department will provide technology services and trouble shooting in the Solution Center to students prior to leaving campus. The Solution Center will continue to provide additional support to the campus community via their support line at 724-589-4000, email at support@thiel.edu, and the work order ticketing system. The I.T. Solution Center hours are Monday-Friday from 8 a.m.-4 p.m.

Additionally, there are many help guides, applications, and links that are accessible by visiting the Information Technology website.

Preventative Measures:

As is this case during the regular flu season, housekeeping staff will increase cleaning efforts to disinfect common areas and touch-points like doorknobs, handrails, faucets, etc.

Below are everyday actions that everyone can take to help prevent or contain the spread of any virus, including the coronavirus:

  • Wash your hands with soap and water for at least 20 seconds, or use an alcohol-based hand sanitizer.
  • Avoid touching your eyes, nose, and mouth with unwashed hands.
  • Avoid close contact with people who are sick.
  • If you are sick, seek medical care immediately (including the Campus Health Center).
    • Campus Health Services:  724-589-2195 (daytime hours)
    • Public Safety:  724-589-2222 (evening hours)
  • Cover your cough or sneeze with a tissue, then throw the tissue in the trash. Cough into your elbow if you do not have a tissue. (Do not cough into your hands.)
  • Clean and disinfect frequently touched objects and surfaces. This includes your cell phone.

Signs and symptoms of coronavirus are very similar to those of influenza. If you have a fever and have a mild-to-severe respiratory illness, with a cough, sore throat, and/or difficulty breathing, please contact the Campus Health Center or Public Safety to receive medical care.

Your efforts to take these basic precautions will help to reduce the spread of all viruses on campus.

Continued Communication:

As this situation continues to unfold, the College will remain vigilant and continue to communicate updates to the campus community. If you have any questions or concerns please feel free to contact Mike McKinney, Vice President of Student Life and Dean of Students, at 724-589-2600 or mmckinney@thiel.edu.

For more information about the Coronavirus, please visit the CDC’s Coronavirus (COVID-19) website.

Counseling Support:

  • Thiel College Counseling Center:  724-589-2754
  • National Suicide Prevention Hotline: 1-800-273-8255 (TALK)
  • Crisis Text Line: 741741
  • Mercer County Crisis Hotline:  724-662-2227

Visit the American Psychology Association’s Tips for Managing Anxiety about the Coronavirus: https://www.apa.org/helpcenter/pandemics