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The English program at Thiel College is a foundational and diverse major that not only allows for an enjoyable, challenging and exciting program of exploration but also prepares you for a variety of career options. The beauty of an English degree is the intellectual versatility that a program of textual analysis, critical thinking and writing provides.

Specializations in Literature and Writing

Thiel College offers a Bachelor of Arts in English with specializations in literature and writing. Students within the literature concentration study a variety of literary forms from the American, British, and world traditions, learn how to analyze different texts and compare the history of the English language to modern English. Students in the writing specialization learn how to write creatively and use rhetorical and grammatical strategies. In both specializations, students conduct research and learn how to be strong communicators.

Thiel also offers a minor in English which consists of 21-22 credit hours and involves both literature and writing courses.

English Courses

Thiel offers a large catalog of courses across genres, including Children's Literature and Anti-Utopian Science Fiction. Our program contains creative writing courses in fiction, drama and poetry as well as classes on persuasive and technical writing. Thiel also offers upper-division seminar courses to work closely with professors in the department and internship opportunities to gain marketable work experience.

Study Abroad, Travel Opportunities, and Campus Organizations

English majors have unique study and travel opportunities such as our Literary New England trip and the literary study abroad trip in England. The Literary New England program is offered every few years and includes visits to Walden Pond, the Mark Twain home and the Robert Frost homestead.

Students in the English department have a variety of ways to get involved in campus clubs and activities. Thiel’s English Club hosts readings, workshops and discussions, as well as mixers, theater and film outings and charity functions. The Phoenix, Thiel’s literary magazine, gives students the opportunity to publish their writing.

English majors can also apply for membership to Sigma Tau Delta, the national English honorary society. It is open to all students who meet the academic requirements. Members participate in tutoring sessions, attend conferences and much more! Visit our clubs and activities page for more details.


With a Bachelor’s degree in English, the career opportunities are endless! After all, good communicators are needed in all fields. Thiel English majors have gone on to pursue careers in freelance writing, journalism, public administration, teaching, law, publishing, real estate, communications and more. Visit our English alumni page to hear how a liberal arts education from Thiel helped our graduates in their careers.

Join us at Thiel!

As an English major at Thiel, you would be part of a close-knit group, study with experienced faculty and have many opportunities to personalize your education. Want to know more about the Bachelor’s in English program? Request more information now!