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English, literature and writing specializations (B.A.)

Major: English

Degree awarded: Bachelor of Arts

Total credit hours: 39 (for all specializations)

Internship/Practicum opportunities: Visit the Career Development Center for internship information.

About the program

The Thiel College English major is designed to acquaint students with the literary heritage of global culture, to deepen their understanding and appreciation of that heritage and to enhance their ability to communicate effectively by means of the spoken and written word. A student interested in the English program at Thiel can choose between five specializations; literature, professional writing, creative writing, drama and English/secondary education.

Studying in the literature specialization gives students an in-depth look at the classics of British and American literature, as well as a deep dive into the English language. Students interested in the various writing specializations will learn various forms of professional writing in fields such as digital rhetoric, creative writing, journalism, poetry, fiction, drama, and more!

Visit our Academic Catalog (2021-2022) for course listings.

Major Features

  1. Recognize and use with proficiency and skill the tools and methods of literary scholarship.
  2. Analyze, interpret and evaluate various forms of literary expression.
  3. Promote and foster the creative expression of themes, ideas and principles inherent in the liberal arts tradition.
  4. Apply the training in oral and written communication skills to demonstrate mastery of the English language.

Literature Specialization

  1. Recognize and identify major literary periods, figures, works, genres and terminology.
  2. Demonstrate knowledge of the properties that distinguish literature as a form of creative activity.
  3. Analyze, interpret and evaluate literature in all genres, utilizing a variety of critical approaches to tests.
  4. Employ the tools and methods of literary scholarship; locate and utilize print and electronic sources, indexes and bibliographies; and use correct and appropriate forms of documentation.
  5. Apply the history of the English language and the development of fundamental linguistic principles to current usages of Standard American English.

Writing Specializations

  1. Apply theoretical and technical aspects of the craft of writing fiction, poetry and drama.
  2. Write creatively through fiction, poetry or drama by working from his or her own invention and by utilizing skills developed through practice and observation.
  3. Apply various rhetorical strategies (audience awareness, organization, style, methods of argument) to the respective needs or practical writing contexts and tasks.
  4. Employ methods of integrating research into writing and document and attribute sources according to acceptable standards.
  5. Conduct research for writing and locate and utilize print and electronic sources,  indexes and bibliographies.
  6. Apply traditional elements of grammar to current usages of Standard American English.
  7. Evaluate and apply a variety of revision techniques for improving writing clarity.
  8. Apply the history of the English language and the development of fundamental linguistic principles to current usages of Standard American English.
  9. Evaluate various modes of communication and the types of media that society promotes and finds of interest, both historically and currently.

Scholarship Opportunities

Thiel College offers scholarships to students for reasons such as academic success, community service or involvement, exemplary leadership and more! The scholarships available to English majors are:

  • The Roger ’52 and Paula G. Blatter Scholarship
  • The Heissenbuttel Award in English Language and Literature in Memory of Ernest, Jean and Robert
  • The Robert Heissenbuttel Professor of English Endowed Scholarship
  • Louise Beil Maglisceau ’29 Endowed Scholarship

Visit our Financial Aid page to learn more about the types of aid available to students.

Clubs & Organizations

It's easy to get involved on campus! Joining a student club or organization is an excellent way to meet others and gain leadership experience. An English major might be interested in the following clubs and orgs:

  • Book Club
  • English Club
  • Endymion (Yearbook)
  • The Phoenix
  • The Thielensian (Newspaper)
  • Veritas Ars Quaero (Humanities Research Honorary Society)
  • Sigma Tau Delta (International English Honorary)

Visit our Campus Life page to see a full list of student clubs and organizations.

Alumni & Careers

With a bachelor’s degree in English, the career opportunities are endless! After all, good communicators are needed in all fields. Thiel English majors have gone on to pursue careers in freelance writing, journalism, public administration, teaching, law, publishing, real estate, communications and more!

Other career opportunities for Thiel English graduates include:

  • Psychology
  • Counseling
  • Human Resources
  • Student Affairs
  • Religious Studies
  • Many more!