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Policies and Procedures

College-wide IT policies are included here, as well as College policies that include the use of information technology, and IT policies for students and staff. Contact Thiel’s IT department, the Office of Academic Affairs, or Human Resources Department for a more complete and specific list of College-wide policies.

Document Definitions

  • Policy: A document that communicates compliance in matters as they pertain to the College’s data and computing assets. IT policies are initiated by Information Technology or brought forth by other constituents of the College community. Policies are intended to be dynamic and require annual review in order to maintain relevance with best practices.
  • Rule: Similar to a policy but intended to describe the operations, definitions, and constraints of the use of computing resources.
  • Guidelines: Recommended actions and operational guides for users of systems and resources. Guidelines are created collaboratively with subject matter experts from various computing support units throughout the University. Guidelines incorporate best practices.
  • Procedures: Tasks that should be performed to achieve a desired outcome. Procedures can be created by IT or departmental groups.

Important Documents

Acceptable Use Policy

Alleged Copyright Infringement Notifications

Computer and System Logging Policy

Confidentiality Agreement

Copyright Act Compliance Policy

Data Classification

Email Policy

Ethical Treatment of Information

Incident Response Plan

I.T. Lost/Stolen Equipment Guidelines

I.T. Security Policy

Mobile Device Security

Password Policy

Patch Management

Security Monitoring

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The College is required to follow FERPA regulations, the Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act that covers student education records and information.

FERPA (external link to the USA government FERPA website)


The College is required to follow HIPAA regulations, the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act that covers health records and information.

HIPAA (external link to the USA government HIPAA website)

Gramm-Leach-Bliley Act 

GLBA (external link to Cornell Law School website)

Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard.

PCI-DSS (external link to the Official PCI Security Standard website)