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The Alumni Association Board of Directors

The Alumni Association Board of Directors is comprised of representatives from the Alumni Association who are elected to serve a three-year term and may be re-elected to a second term. In addition, at-large members may be elected whose geographic location prevents them from attending meetings but who are interested in promoting the college in their area. Each board member is assigned to one of five committees as outlined in the Alumni Association By-Laws. Interested in serving on the Alumni Association Board of Directors? Contact the Alumni Office for more information.


Damen Taylor

Damen L. Taylor ’95 - President

Liz Prada

Liz Prada ’04 - Vice President

Maggie Giel

Maggie A. Giel-Bovaird ’09 - Secretary

Renee Bair

Renee Bair ’99

Jessica Bartko

Jessica Bartko ’15

Elliot Beach

Elliot Beach ’15

Laura Broome

Laura (Lord) Broome ’92

Dana VanKirk

Dana (VanKirk) Brown ’05

Alex Ciepiela

Alex Ciepiela ’15

Chelsea Costello

Chelsea Costello ’14

Nancy Cox

Nancy (Walter) Cox ’02

Ricardo Daley

Ricardo Daley ’96

Nikki Colpo

Nikki (Colpo) Galbo ’06

Donna Kline

Donna (Sopher) Kline ’79

Sara Matczak

Sara Matczak ’17

Michael Miller

Michael Miller ’92

Daryl Moore

Daryl Moore ’05

Frank Newnam

Frank Newnam ’71

Jessica Phillips

Jessica (Somerville) Phillips ’08

Ryan Prescott

Ryan Prescott ’12

Laura Reino

Laura (Hardesty) Reino ’07

John Rogers

John Rogers ’87

David Saur

David Saur ’11

Jeffrey Seiple

Jeffrey Seiple ’85

Marion Shoemaker

Marion (Norris) Shoemaker ’63

Richard Smallwood

Richard Smallwood ’15

Cindy Wagner

Cindy (Campbell) Wagner ’79


  • Michael Allen ’90
  • Angela (Lago) Hughes ’97
  • James McRoberts ’58
  • Antonio Quarterman ’08
  • Dawn Salter ’95
  • David Schreiber ’00
  • Dr. Christopher Shinkman ’62
  • Paul Stibich ’05
  • John Wotus ’74