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Fine Art

Students discuss a piece of art work on display in the gallery.

The fine art minor is a focused course of study with course requirements appropriate to the minor level of study. The fine art minor establishes an appropriately broad yet flexible foundation which best suits the needs of students who are pursuing art in conjunction with another major or simply as a secondary interest.

The Senior Seminar serves as a capstone course for all art majors and minors. Students will focus on creating work for the senior exhibition as well as generating a thesis statement summarizing their experience at Thiel College. A senior exhibition of art work is a graduation requirement for all fine art minors.

Minor Requirements (30 CH)

  • ART 110 Drawing I (4 CH) 
  • ART 210 Drawing II (4 CH) 
  • ART 120 Painting I (4 CH)
  • ART 130 Sculpture I (4 CH)
  • Art Elective 200 or 300 level (4 CH) 
  • Art History 100 level (3 CH) 
  • Art History 200 level (3 CH) 
  • ART 401 Senior Seminar (4 CH)