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Thiel College
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Past Presidents

2009-2016 Troy D. VanAken, Ph.D
2007-2009 Robert C. Olson, Ph.D. '60 H'09
1999-2007 Lance A. Masters, Ph. D.
1991-1998 C. Carlyle Haaland, Ph. D.
1976-1990 The Rev. Louis Almen, Ph. D.
1974-1975 Frank Bretz, Ph. D.
1961-1974 Chauncey G. Bly, M.D., Ph.D.
1952-1960 Fredric B. Irvin, Ph.D.
1942-1951 William F. Zimmerman, Ph. D.
1934-1940 The Rev. Earl S. Rudisill, Ph.D.
1926-1933 The Rev. E. Clyde Xander
1923-1925 The Rev. Carl A. Sunberg
1916-1921 The Rev. Henry W. Elson, Ph. D. 1886
1914-1916 Professor Franklin B. Sawvel
1909-1913 The Rev. C. Theodore Benze
1893-1902 The Rev. Theophilus B. Roth 1874
1891-1893 The Rev. Frederick A. Muhlenberg
1888-1890 The Rev. W. A. Beates
1870-1887 The Rev H. W. Roth

Past Acting Presidents of Thiel College

1973-1974 Dr. Frank H. Bretz (Chief Executive Officer)
1951-1951 Dr. Edwin F. Hodge
1941-1942 The Hon. George H. Rowley
1925-1926 The Rev. Benjamen H. Pershing
1921-1923 The Rev. E. F. Ritter
1913-1914 Professor Franklin B. Sawvel
1902-1903 The Rev. J. C. Kunzman
1890-1891 The Rev. A. G. Voight
1888-1889 The Rev. David McKee