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Writing Intensive Courses

Writing Intensive Courses (WIC) are part of the Integrative Requirement at Thiel. Students must satisfactorily complete 5 WIC courses. Not more than three of these courses can be in the student’s major.

Courses eligible for WIC designation are those that:

  • Require students to produce a minimum of 2500 words of writing. The types of writing required may vary among the disciplines and may include such things as term papers, reflection papers or lab reports. The requirement does not include creative writing or journal writing as these might legitimately violate standard rules of composition.
  • Base at least 10% of the final grade on the quality of the student's written expression. Courses may exceed the 10% minimum as departments or instructors see fit.

This list is updated regularly – but please refer to the most recent Academic Catalog (2018-2019) or your advisor for the most accurate information.

BADM 324
BADM 454
BIO 273
BIO 322
CIS 201
COMM 300
EDUC 255
PHIL 357
PHYS 123
SOC 251
SOC 321