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The Tomcat Way

The Tomcat Way

The Tomcat Way: Thiel College's Developmental Model for Undergraduate Student Success

At Thiel, we appreciate that no two students are alike. We've created an innovative and rewarding college experience that empowers every Thiel student to become both a scholar and a leader. The Tomcat Way is how we blend academic and experiential learning into a Community-wide learning laboratory that cultivates leadership, informs one’s personal view regarding vocation, and promotes self-development in an exciting, innovative and dynamic way.

The Tomcat Way is introduced during the first year. Subsequent years map to prior years as students focus on curriculum and activities about which they are the most passionate. Common themes include mentorship, meaning, identity and purpose, and career and professional development. At the end of each academic year, accomplishments are acknowledged as they transition toward the next milestone.





For more than 150 years, Thiel College has cultivated a proud legacy of leaders who are ready to take on the world, professionally and within their community. By embracing their personal leadership style, values, and strengths, students gain confidence in themselves and the skills most sought after by future employers, including critical thinking, communication and the ability to work within a team environment. Download the flier today, and start down your own Tomcat Way!