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Pre-Professional Programs

Pre-Professional Programs

Thiel College provides a well-rounded education for every student. The ability to communicate effectively, to gather and analyze data and to work as part of a team are all skills that are acquired because of that education. That is how Thiel provides the general background that professional schools expect. Students looking to enter a professional program can major in any field, but most chose to major in a field related to their professional program, e.g. health professions – biology or chemistry, pre-law – political science, etc.

Professional schools seek out students who have a broad understanding of their specific field with a variety of courses outside of that field. Selection into professional programs is highly competitive, so successful applicants maintain a high level of academic performance in all their work and score well on the appropriate aptitude tests (MCAT, LSAT, GMAT, etc.). A student preparing for professional school is responsible for determining the specific requirements of the schools they are considering. Students will work closely with their adviser to ready themselves for a professional program. Thiel College will assist students in finding internships and extracurricular activities related to their studies. Many departments have programs that get students hands-on experience in their intended field.

One program set to prepare students seeking to enter a health profession is the Health Professions Institute. HPI is a seminar series that introduces students to speakers from varying backgrounds in the health field. Students attend workshops, seminars and symposia to get a better understanding of the field. HPI includes: small classes, intensive mentoring, early application of classroom knowledge to real life and more.

Health Pre-Professional Programs:

Other Pre-Professional Programs

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