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History (B.A.)

Professor gives lecture on Northern Ideology.

The purpose of history courses is to acquaint the student with the origins of contemporary civilization; its political, economic, social and cultural aspects; to awaken a consciousness of other cultures, ways of life and thought and standards of value; to recreate as fully and as accurately as possible significant periods of past history; and to teach the student how to find, analyze and interpret historical evidence and to develop a sense of historical perspective.

A student who graduates from Thiel College with a major in history will:

  • demonstrate a knowledge and understanding of contemporary society—its people, ideas and institutions.
  • analyze the cause(s) and result(s) of historical events across a broad spectrum.
  • demonstrate a knowledge of human experiences as represented through history.
  • demonstrate an understanding of major historical factors as embodied in the principle historical cultures.
  • be able to find, analyze and interpret historical evidence and to develop historical perspective.
  • be able to apply an historical perspective when visiting an historical site or attending an historical conference.

Major Requirements

History majors must successfully complete 39 credit hours in history, which are outlined below. All courses applied to the history major/minor must be completed with a C minus or better.

Choose two of the following (6 CH):

  • HIST 101: United States History Until 1877
  • HIST 102: United States History Since 1877
  • HIST/SEMS 250: World History

HIST 290: An Intro. to Historical Research (3 CH)

Complete 3 courses in each of the following areas:

  • United States History at 200 - 400 level (9 CH)
  • European History at 200 - 400 level (9 CH)
  • Non Western 200 - 400 level (9 CH)

Choose one of the following (3 CH):

  • HIST 496: Capstone US History
  • HIST 497: Capstone European History
  • HIST 498: Capstone World History

During the junior or senior year, each major must present at an academic conference or complete a history related internship.