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Exercise Science (B.A.)

Major: Exercise Science

Degree awarded: Bachelor of Arts

Total credit hours: 45

Internship/Practicum opportunities: TBD

About the program

As an exercise science major at Thiel College, you’ll study human movement and how the body responds and adapts to physical activity, health, exercise, and sports. This will prepare you for a career as an exercise specialist, athletic director, conditioning coach, personal trainer and many more careers in health and wellness or athletics.

In courses that range from classroom environments to totally hands-on learning opportunities, you’ll study kinesiology, human anatomy, and strength and conditioning. You’ll also receive stringent professional preparation as well as intensive research and internship opportunities. Best of all your courses in Exercise Science are combined with a core curriculum in the Liberal Arts that encourages creativity and critical thinking, two skills essential for success in this growing field.

Visit our Academic Catalog (2019-2020) for course listings.

Major Features

  • Develop a strong foundation in human anatomy, kinesiology, medical terminology and the physiological basis of exercise and physical fitness
  • Work closely with exercise, rehabilitation, recreational, educational, and athletic professionals in classes and through a variety of internship opportunities
  • Receive certification in your chosen area to prepare you to enter the workplace or continue on to graduate school.


  • Physical Education Teacher – earn a median salary of $59,280 helping students learn proper health and wellness skills and coaching sports teams*.
  • Assistant Athletics Director - earn a median salary of $78,642 helping to run the athletics program for an educational institution or park district**.
  • Exercise Specialist – earn a median annual salary of $43,935 helping individuals who have various medical conditions improve their overall health and fitness***.
  • Wellness Director – earn a median salary of $54,799 for consists of managing staff, implementing strategies planning programs that benefit a groups health, safety and wellbeing****.
  • Exercise Physiologist – earn a median salary of $19.65 per hour or $40,872 per year helping clients set health goals, and administering exercise programs to achieve those goals.*****