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Homecoming 2020 – The Roaring Twenties

Thiel College invites you to celebrate the roaring twenties with us during Homecoming 2020! Please join us for a week-long series of events from Monday, Oct. 5 through Sunday, Oct. 11.

Homecoming weekend is a very special time for the Thiel community to come together and celebrate our shared experiences at this institution, however, due to COVID-19 regulations and campus safety plans, this year's homecoming celebrations will take place digitally. This year's celebration will be a combination of Zoom and pre-recorded events. Please check your mailboxes, email and this page as we release more information regarding Thiel College's Homecoming 2020 celebration!

Visit our Additional Information webpage for a list of Zoom Meeting links to attend the events of your choice!

Show your Tomcat Pride by downloading Homecoming 2020 Zoom backgrounds:

Events Quick Guide:

Monday, Oct. 5

Thursday, Oct. 8

Friday, Oct. 9

Saturday, Oct. 10

Sunday, Oct. 11

*Represents events that are pre-recorded.

Note: All times listed are EST.

Virtual Homecoming FAQ:

We understand that you may have some questions about a digital Homecoming experience. Please see our list of FAQ's below.

Q: What does a digital Homecoming look like?

A lineup of digital events hosted by Thiel College will be available to you. Customize your experience by participating in the events that interest you. Invite your loved ones to join you as you celebrate #TomcatStrong. Some events will be open to all, while other events can be customized and exclusive to you and your classmates.

Q: I’d like to celebrate with my class – how do I get started?

If you’d like to connect and celebrate with classmates this fall, but think you may need some support to do so, let us know. Contact David Hummel, ’83, Alumni Director, to see if there is a way we can support your celebrations. ‘Connecting over Cocktails’ Zoom chat, or a ‘Where are they Now’ Trivia Night with questions about each other are viable options – we are here to help you get creative!

Q: 2020 is a reunion milestone year for me; can I celebrate next year?

While you are welcome to join us at Homecoming every year, we recognize that many alumni choose specific reunion milestone years to celebrate. If you graduated in a year ending in 0 or 5, 2020 is a reunion milestone year for you. But if you/your class choose to forgo celebrations this year, we are happy to provide you planning support for 2021.

Thiel College Homecoming 2021 dates are October 1-3, with the intent to celebrate in person. We are here to provide the same resources and support, regardless if you choose to celebrate this year or next.

Q: How can I support the School during this time?

Philanthropy is a long-standing tradition at Thiel. What better way to celebrate a significant anniversary of your graduation from Thiel than to contribute to the success of today’s students. Consider a gift to the Thiel Fund.


For more information about this year's digital Homecoming, contact David Hummel '83, director of alumni relations, at alumni@thiel.edu.