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Religion (B.A.)

A student who graduates from Thiel College with a major in religion will:

  • comprehend the nature of religion by understanding the various methods of studying religion.
  • conceive the reality of “the ultimate” or God in relation to both inherited ideas of the past and the concerns of contemporary society.
  • appreciate the unity and diversity of the pluralistic heritage of the world’s religions; and understand the different approaches of relating Christianity to other world religions.
  • understand various hermeneutical methodologies and be able to apply hermeneutical principles in interpreting Jewish and Christian scriptures.

Major Requirements (31 CH)

Students majoring in religion must fulfill the following minimum requirements:

  • REL 110 Introduction to Religion (3 CH)
  • REL 120 Interpreting the Jewish and Christian Scriptures (3 CH)
  • REL 190 World Religions (3 CH)

The following two courses are to be taken no earlier than the second semester of the junior year.

  • REL 330 Readings in Religious Studies (2 CH)
  • REL 340 Readings in Theology (2 CH)

A maximum of three credit hours of:

  • REL 380 Cooperative Education or REL 390 Independent Study may be applied toward the major.

Choose one of the following to be taken preferably in the freshman year:

  • PHIL 127 Introduction to Philosophy (3 CH)
  • PHIL 147 Introduction to the History of Philosophy: Socrates to Aquinas (3 CH) 
  • PHIL 157 Introduction to the History of Philosophy: Descartes to Sartre (3 CH)

A final grade of C minus or better is required in all courses for the major and/or minor.