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Do you dream of having a career that lets you utilize your analytical skills? Physics is not a specialty only for science enthusiasts. A physics degree actually prepares you for jobs in many fields, including industry work, engineering, research, teaching, government, medicine and areas of law and finance. 

At Thiel, we offer small classes that are taught by qualified professors who prepare physics students for whatever they choose to pursue after graduating. A degree in physics opens the door for many unique job opportunities, and students at Thiel gain the knowledge and practical experience to succeed in whichever career path they choose.

Physics Major and Dual-Degree in Engineering

There are two programs that students can pursue in the physics department: the bachelor’s of science in physics and the dual-degree in engineering. The dual-degree in engineering program involves three years of study at Thiel and then two years of specialized engineering courses at either Case Western Reserve University in Cleveland or the University of Pittsburgh. After completing the program, students are awarded two degrees: a B.A. or B.S. in binary engineering from Thiel and a B.S. in engineering from Case Western Reserve University or University of Pittsburgh.

Either major choice helps students understand fundamental concepts, technical applications, and advanced mathematical and computational skills, as well as gain hands-on lab experience.

Courses Taught by Top-notch Professors

Our professors have decades of teaching experience and provide individual attention to physics majors. Furthermore, students have the opportunity to enroll in a variety of classes, including astronomy, alternative energies and electromagnetic fields and waves. Majors are also able to personalize the timing and sequence of most upper-level physics courses to fit their schedules.

Job Preparation and Careers After Thiel

Before graduating, Thiel’s physics majors prepare and produce a portfolio of work that helps them succeed on the job market. Our classes and labs also give students the hands-on experience they need to be successful in their future careers.

Alumni of Thiel’s physics program have worked at colleges and universities, Kodak, the U.S. Navy, high schools and many other types of organizations. Whatever they’ve gone on to do, our alumni recognize the role Thiel played in their professional development. Hear their stories!

Whether you wish to pursue the bachelors in physics track or the dual-degree in engineering, Thiel’s physics department will prepare you for many different career paths. Sound exciting? Learn more now!