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Actuarial Studies (B.S.)

The continuing growth of insurance and governmental agencies has maintained a constant demand for qualified actuaries.

The Actuarial Studies Program has the following goals:

  1. to provide students with the mathematical training and business background needed to enter the actuarial profession directly.
  2. to prepare students for advanced study in actuarial science at a university. 

A student who graduates from Thiel College with a major in actuarial studies will:

  • understand and be able to apply the three basic concepts from calculus: limits, differentiation and integration.
  • have a strong understanding of probability and statistics and be able to apply statistical methods to complex problems.
  • understand and be able to apply the basic concepts of vector algebra and vector calculus.
  • be able to construct logical proofs.
  • understand the power and limitations of technologies (e.g., calculators and computers) as problem-solving tools.

Major Requirements

In addition to taking one of the first two SOA exams (P or FM), a student majoring in actuarial studies must successfully complete the following courses (a total of 58 credit hours). All courses which are applied to the major must be completed with a grade of C minus or higher.

  • ACCT 113 Principles of Accounting I (3 CH) 
  • ACCT 123 Principles of Accounting II (3 CH) 
  • Choose one of the following two courses:
    • BADM 233 Managerial Accounting (3 CH) 
    • ACCT 313 Cost Accounting (3 CH)
  • BADM 344 Finance (3 CH)
  • Choose one of the following two courses:
    • ENG 270 Advanced Composition (3 CH)
    • ENG 260 Business and Technical Writing (3 CH)
  • CIS 112 Spreadsheet Applications (1 CH) 
  • CIS 113 Data Management Applications (1 CH) 
  • CSCI 159 Introduction to Programming (4 CH) 
  • MATH 181 Calculus I (4 CH)
  • MATH 182 Calculus II (4 CH) 
  • MATH 281 Calculus III (4 CH)
  • MATH 291 Linear Algebra (4 CH) 
  • MATH 341 Theory of Interest and Life Annuities (4 CH) 
  • MATH 342 Derivatives Markets (3 CH) 
  • MATH 451 Probability (4 CH) 
  • MATH 461 Statistics (4 CH)
  • ECON 211 Principles of Macroeconomics (3 CH) 
  • ECON 221 Principles of Microeconomics (3 CH)