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Foreign language skills are important advantages for students interested in pursuing careers in business, government, the travel industry, media, science, sports, the service industry and many others. A foreign language can also help you in your other classes – Latin can help you learn science terms more easily and all languages can support your study in literature, history, religion, art, music and others. If you’re interested in participating in service and volunteer opportunities abroad and in the United States, a foreign language can help you communicate with children and adults who are just learning English.

While Thiel College does not offer a major or minor in any foreign language, our students are required to complete two semesters of study in a foreign language as a pathway to educational breadth, cultural knowledge, and career preparation. Many students elect to continue study in the language or pursue study abroad to deepen their understanding and skill in a foreign language.

Language courses at Thiel cover grammar, pronunciation, intonation, literature and culture and require reading, writing and speaking in the given language.

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Kristin M. Carlson, Ph.D.

Department Chair
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