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Our students do what they came to do – teach! Our students have tremendous success in finding teaching placements locally, regionally and nationally.

Education Student Outcomes

The Thiel College education program emphasizes early exposure to all facets of classroom instruction, resulting in excellent graduate outcomes.

  • 100% job placement rate for 2015 and 2016 majors
  • 93% summary pass rate on state-required tests in the past three years

Alumni Stories

Jeff Zelonka ’09
Biology Teacher, Leechburg, Pa.

“The [Education Department] put me a step ahead of almost every other applicant [in the job search]. I graduated in ’09 feeling fairly confident in what I had learned but it wasn’t until my second or third interview when I realized how fortunate and knowledgeable about teaching and student learning I was. I was fortunate enough to make it pretty far in a number of my interviews and I know for a fact it was a result of the understanding I had with student learning.”

  • Major: Secondary Education – Biology

Jennifer (Wilfong) Beach ’09
Kindergarten Teacher, Mercer, Pa.

“From the very beginning, the Education Department encouraged hands-on experience. How else can you know if you really want to be a teacher unless you have experience teaching firsthand? Beyond the experience, the education professors were very current when it came to emerging trends and philosophies present in today‚Äôs educational society. When I [began interviewing], I felt prepared and confident in my knowledge and abilities because my professors made sure of it.”

  • Major: Elementary Education
  • Minor: Performing Arts
  • Clubs & Activities: Alpha Xi Delta, Choir
Mark Thompson ’09
Math Teacher, Hermitage, Pa.

“A special part of the Thiel Education Department was the fact that the classes were designed to get you interacting with other students, the material and the professor.  Rarely was there ever a day that an education professor would lecture the entire session. They would use strategies to get us discussing and developing our own thoughts rather than just copying notes from a PowerPoint.  The best part was that we could take the strategies they used and apply them in our own classrooms.”

  • Major: Secondary Education – Math
Tessa (Lockovich) Simmons ’09
Kindergarten Teacher, West Middlesex, Pa.

“My undergraduate experience was important because it prepared me for my career as an educator. The [education] professors were the perfect models of what an exceptional educator should be. My professors not only guided me and treated me as though I was equal to them, but they also held high expectations for me. In turn, they pushed me to hold the same expectations for myself.”

  • Major: Elementary Education K-6
  • Minor: Fine Arts
  • Clubs & Activities: Honors Program