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Business Administration - Culinary Arts Certificate (B.A.)

In March 2003, Thiel College and the Art Institute of Pittsburgh (AiP) signed an articulation agreement establishing a program which will confer a degree in business administration and a certificate in the culinary arts. This is a 2-1-1 program where the student is enrolled for two years at Thiel, one year at AiP and concluding with the final year at Thiel completing the degree requirements.

Successful graduates have began careers as chefs and restaurant owners located across the country. The program is tailored for the student who wants to run a restaurant or food service business. Thiel College teaches students the essential fundamentals of running a business and AiP provides students with the necessary courses in culinary arts.

Students enrolled in the program are required to take business courses in accounting, management, marketing, business law and operations management. Culinary arts courses include culinary skills, classical and international cuisine, American regional cuisine, baking and pastries, and food and beverage management.

The culinary program emphasizes basic cooking skills and techniques starting with the classical manner of cooking and ending with current tastes in cuisine. AiP utilizes different avenues to get the students to higher levels of expertise. There are student competitions during open house activities; students are invited to participate in different functions such as the “Good Taste Pittsburgh” assisting celebrity chefs on stage; and students work at receptions at the art gallery at AiP. AiP has its own public restaurant where students provide the daily menu, cooking at six main stations, working as waiters and waitresses, using the point-of-sale system, and learning the basics of hospitality.

For further information regarding this program, contact Prof. Angelo Giannini at 724-589-2243 or agiannini@thiel.edu.