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C. William King

January 15, 2020

William King spoke to students at the Jan. 15 Ruth A. Miller Senior Seminar about how to prepare for the future and what to expect when they enter the workforce. According to the students, he also related the things he spoke about to every student at Thiel.

“Bill opened my eyes with the true importance of networking. He described that 75 percent of jobs are found through networking. He showed many sites to network with the main example being the Thiel database LinkedIn. Next, we performed an in-presentation practice of our elevator speech. Being in the business arena, you never know when you might meet your next connection. After the presentation, I will always ensure that I have a proper speech ready to express my benefits and work experience. I was deeply impressed with Bill King’s speech and will use his advice in the future.”—Robert Micsky ’20

“The most important general tip that he shared with us is that we need to circumnavigate the hiring process when seeking out jobs and make sure that our resume goes around HR and straight to the hiring managers. Once it is there, it is our job to make sure the resume is captivating appealing to the correct emotions and leaves a lasting impression for only being viewed for 15 to 20 seconds.”—Charlie Lichtenwalter ’21

“King gave many tips on talking with employers. He talked about being the Tylenol to the employer’s pain. By this he means when the employers talk about a problem, tell them how you can fix it.”—Arianna Anderson ’20

“One of the biggest takeaways from Bill’s presentation was when he said, ‘You want to sell your benefits, not your features.’ When looking for a new job it is important to show off your best qualities and you want to show them how you can answer their problems.”—Annmarie Moore ’20

“One particular piece of advice that stood out in his presentation was his recommendation to sell the advantages of younger workers. As college students and recent graduates, we often forget that we what we lack in experience can oftentimes be made up for an energy, optimism, enthusiasm, and flexibility. Mr. King helped each of us to see that we have many benefits to offer to prospective employers.”—Mariel Hanely ’20

“I had the privilege of sitting with Mr. King and had the opportunity to talk to him about many things. One of the things we talked about most was our shared interest of traveling and wine. As an international business major, it was very interesting to get to talk to him about where he has traveled and how he does business in these places. Overall, a very pleasant dinner.”—Brenna Parsley ’20