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Gary Witosky ’79

April 1

Gary Witosky ’79 earned his bachelor’s degree from Thiel College and holds a Master of Accountancy from Stetson University. In addition, he is a certified public accountant and chartered global management accountant. Witosky’s professional experience includes more than 20 years in public accounting and private industry. He concluded his six years in public accounting as an audit supervisor at Ernst & Whinney (now Ernst & Young) in Cleveland, Ohio. He is also the first person to be named the David M. Miller ’61 Chair of Accounting. Witosky spoke to Ruth A. Miller Senior Seminar students on April 1.

“Professor Gary Witosky ’79 spoke at our senior seminar on Wednesday, April 1st. Many speakers in the past, including Professor Witosky, talked about influential people who had an impact on getting them to where they are. For me, Professor Witosky is one of those people. I am close friends with his nephew and know his extended family quite well. This is the reason I heard about Thiel and decided to come here after visiting. Since I have been at Thiel, Professor Witosky has helped me in so many ways and has always been an advocate for me and looked out for me, which I will never forget and always appreciate.”—Brenna Parsley ’20

“(April 1) was a special class, the newest members of Chi Eta Sigma (including myself) were inducted and we gave out the senior awards. The Wall Street Journal Award went to Zechariah Dubel, the PICPA Award went to Mariel Hanely, and the Departmental Honors award went to Brenna Parsley. Following the induction and recognitions, Professor Gary Witosky shared his story.”—George Cupec ’21

“(April 1), we received the honor of hearing from one of my favorite professors Gary Witosky. It was a very special evening for several reasons. (It) was the induction ceremony for Chi Eta Sigma, where five students, including myself, were warmly welcomed into the organization. Departmental Senior Awards were also given to three wonderful students. To top off the evening, Professor Witosky was honored, with an endowed scholarship, the Gary J. Witosky ’79 Scholarship. It was a wonderful evening, filled with many exciting events.”—Annamarie Moore ’20

“Professor Witosky imparted a strong piece of wisdom upon the class in his presentation. He considers himself to be lucky in many ways. However, he defines luck as the point where preparation meets opportunity. Luck isn’t something that randomly falls into your lap. It is what you make for yourself through your efforts. The key to luck is preparation. Your education is the first step, but it cannot be the end. Preparation should continue perpetually, even after you graduate. The secondary portion is opportunity. You must be able to recognize opportunities when they present themselves and be willing to take the risk.”—Mariel Hanely ’20

“According to Professor Witosky, Thiel has had a major impact on him. He has had many mentors that have helped him throughout his college career and also after. Especially when he got a phone call to come back to Thiel and teach accounting classes. Professor Witosky has helped a lot of students achieve their goals in obtaining their CPA and also a couple of them have gone on and received master’s degrees. At the end of his slide show, he had a list of students that he helped achieve these goals, but he also had at the bottom “add name here.” Professor Witosky is not done helping students, he’s ready and willing to help any and every student who is willing to put forth the effort to achieve their goals.”—Alyssa Vestal ’20