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Fred Haer ’65

February 12, 2020

President and CEO of FNC, Inc. Fred Haer ’65 was the guest speaker for the Ruth A. Miller Senior Seminar on Feb. 12, 2020. He spoke to the students about how throughout life you have to be open to failure, not accepting of it but just willing to learn from one’s failures and be motivated to accomplish one’s goals and dreams. Also, he advised students to take advantage of the liberal arts college education and retain as much information as possible from different fields.

“Fred Haer took a more scientific approach than the previous speakers. Nonetheless, it was an interesting learning experience, and it was nice to get a different perspective on business. Although Fred was not a business major and did not have much interest in being entrepreneurial at a young age, he developed an extremely successful company in the study of brain activity. He gave us a very depth look at what goes into the study of the brain chemicals. In addition, he described the technological advancements that science has seen in the last few decades.”—Robert Micsky ’20

“It was very interesting to hear that his company has remained private and has a location in Maine, as well as Greenville. It was also quite telling to hear Dr. Haer recount a direct patient experience that was positive, and see his creations are really giving people better quality of life. That is simply amazing.”—Nick Mott ’20

“Fred graduated with a major in chemistry after entering his college career with an interest in chemistry. I believe that attests to the professors Thiel employs. Professors who are passionate about their career and want to make the learning process as enjoyable for their students as it is for them.”—Annmarie Moore ’20

“I admire that the Haers reach out to help continue their growing business. From the handout, we learned that Eunice Ning Tang ’19 was at a Thiel networking event when she met Jill and was offered a job opportunity at FHC Inc,  Thiel gave both Fred and Jill their education and now they are giving back by serving on the Board of Trustees and by giving opportunities for students to continue their careers.”—Nathan Catalano ’20

“When asked how he stayed positive through failures and the struggles of being a business owner with little experience, Mr. Haer responded that he laughs a lot and learned early ‘how dumb he was.’ This may seem self-deprecating, but by this, he meant that he wasn’t afraid to admit when he didn’t know something and asked for help when he needed it. This is an incredibly important lesson for each of us to learn. His candid response reminded each of us all need help at times and encouraged us to grow through what we go through, learning from our mistakes and doing better next time.”—Mariel Hanley ’20

“He also stated that Thiel is a great school and that because the students are getting that liberal arts education, they are becoming more well-rounded individuals and are learning and experiencing more than just their specialization.”—Maggie Whalen ’20