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Sandy Parker ’81

January 8, 2020

Sandy Parker ’81 spoke at the first Ruth A. Miller Senior Seminar about life and choices. She discussed many aspects of personal and professional life. She told students that what you think you want going into your first-year isn’t always what you want or need.

 “The speaker for the evening of January 8th was Sandy Parker. She and I have crossed paths before when she interviewed me prior to the accounting consortium. Sandy and her husband, Rich, are highly respected members of the Thiel community providing various contributions to the college over the years.”—Griffin Curry ’20

 “As a business major, I really enjoyed listening to Sandy’s methods of management and the deep connection that she had with her employees. While she gave many great quotes and life lessons, what stood out the most to me was how passionate Sandy was about her career. Her speech taught me that it is more important to find a career you enjoy and want to succeed at, rather than simply a higher wage.”—Bobby Micsky ’20

“Lessons learned

  • Perception is everything.
  • What you think you want to do going into Freshmen year isn’t always what you want or what you need.
  • We can’t completely choose our path, but our path chooses us.
  • Plan for what you can and expect for things to go wrong.”—Annmarie Moore ’20

“Was loved by all her employees, she won many awards throughout her career. She used her experiences with her first boss to learn how to manage people, if you make a goal fun then your employees will do it for you.”— Angel Bartholomew ’20

“On the evening of January 8, 2020, Sandy Parker lead an etiquette dinner for the class. We learned how to conduct ourselves during a professional meal as well as the proper way to eat a meal and use utensils. This was a particularly helpful lesson as we ate food considered to be challenging including soup, spaghetti, and brownie sundaes. We also enjoyed a pleasant conversation at the table and were each able to take away valuable lessons for our futures.”—Mariel Hanely ’20