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Carol (Yeager) ’71 & Barry Stamm, M.D. ’70

February 5, 2020

Thiel College graduate Carol (Yeager) Stamm ’71 and her husband, former Chair of the Board of Trustees Barry Stamm, M.D. ’70, were the speakers for the Ruth A. Miller Senior Seminar on Feb. 5. They both had an abundance of life and professional experience to share with the students.

“Carol’s speech was shorter, however, it did not fall short of valuable life teachings. Some of these included; never handle a paper twice, know what you stand for, seek fulfillment, small steps lead to big accomplishments, make adjustments, and tell your loved ones you love them every day.”—William Lingard ’21

“Barry and Carol Stamm were the guest speakers for the Ruth A. Miller Senior Seminar on February 5, 2020. Dr. and Mrs. Stamm met each other at Thiel 50 years ago. They graduated in 1970 and 1871, respectively, and were married in 1971. Both Dr. and Mrs. Stamm have maintained strong ties with the Thiel College community as evidenced by the generous donation of their time and wisdom to our class as well as Dr. Stamm’s position on the Board of Trustees.”—Mariel Hanely ’20

“While enjoying a delicious and diverse meal, a few of my classmates and I had the pleasure of sitting with Mrs. Traverso and the speakers of the night. We had great conversation while enjoying our meal and I got to know Barry and Carol very well. I enjoy being able to dine with the speakers prior to the presentation to attain a more personal perspective of them. We discussed many important matters pertaining to Thiel and we shared our future plans to our peers. I gained viable knowledge from tonight’s dining experience and look forward to more in the future.”—Robert Micsky ’21

“Barry got his pilot license and has flown for 35 years, stopping recently. He began his speech talking about the Kobe tragedy. He talked about how it could have been avoided had the pilot just followed protocol. He spoke a lot about sticking to the standards and knowing the rules. No matter the situation it is important to do what is expected and what is the ‘proper way.’”—George Cupec ’21

“Barry finished his speech reminding us of some the important lessons that he had for us: stick with your standards, persistence and tenacity is key, and you don’t need to have a title to be a leader. Carol finished her speech with three pieces of wisdom: stay focused, trust your judgment and always tell your loved ones how you feel.”—Charlie Lichtenwalter ’21

“Carol entered the business world in a time that was very challenging for women. She said that there less than six women in the business department when she attended Thiel, then once she graduated, she entered a world with a ‘glass ceiling.’ Many times she was passed up for a job just because she was a woman. I want to thank her for doing her part to break down that ceiling and giving me and all the other women my age the chance the ability to become equals with men.”—Annamarie Moore ’20