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Centers of Excellence

Centers of Excellence

Thiel’s Centers of Excellence are experiential learning environments where students are challenged to accomplish ambitious goals, and develop valuable leadership qualities.

Dietrich Honors Institute

Philanthropist, businessman, scholar and proud northwest Pennsylvania native William S. Dietrich II, bequeathed a $25 million fund to Thiel College. Named in honor of his parents, it is this gift that has made the Kenneth and Marianna Brown Dietrich Honors Institute possible.

Today, the Kenneth & Marianna Brown Dietrich Honors Institute has become an exclusive, four-year program open to select Dietrich Scholars who have been invited to participate in this unique educational experience that is enriched by participation in a passionate and purposeful learning community.

Haller Enterprise Institute

The Haller Enterprise Institute is an innovative program that encourages highly motivated students from any major to begin their own business while they continue their education. The purpose is to encourage, promote and support entrepreneurship in Thiel students, regardless of their major or field. The Institute is named after Henry E. and Grace Mary Haller, major benefactors to the College with a keen interest in entrepreneurship.

The Health Professions Institute

The Health Professions Institute at Thiel College proudly sponsors an extraordinary program of support and engagement for students desiring a career in the health professions. Small classes, intensive mentoring, early application of classroom knowledge to human health and well-being, and guided tours of the unique contributions of literature, philosophy, and the fine arts to the art and science of healing are hallmarks of the Health Professions Institute.

Pedas Fellows

The Pedas Fellows’ role is to assist other students with media and computer hardware and software in the James Pedas Communication Center; aid students with other communication skills and processes, such as preparing presentations; help with the Presentational Literacy course in the College’s core curriculum; and support courses across campus with communication needs such as video recording. Students from any major are encouraged to apply.