Speech-Language Pathology (M.S.)

About the Program

The master of science degree program in speech-language pathology at Thiel College is a Candidate for Accreditation by the Council on Academic Accreditation in Audiology and Speech-Language Pathology (CAA) of the American Speech-Language-Hearing Association. This is a “pre-accreditation” status with the CAA, awarded to developing or emerging programs for a maximum period of five years.

Council on Academic Accreditation in Audiology and Speech-Language Pathology
American Speech-Language Hearing Association, 2200 Research Boulevard #310, Rockville, MD 20850, 800-498-2071.

The program is designed to accompany our Bachelor of Science in Communication Sciences and Disorders. Upon completion of your undergraduate studies, you will immediately begin the fifteen month masters program!

For questions, please contact Professor of Communication Sciences and Disorders & Program Director for Speech Language Pathology Dr. Mary Beth Mason.

Program Goals

  1. Upon graduation, students will acquire academic knowledge and develop clinical skills pertaining to the scientific study of human communication processes.
  2. Upon graduation, students will understand the evidence-base for the profession and be able to provide evidence-based practice.
  3. Upon graduation, students will demonstrate the dispositions essential to provide entry-level services to diverse clienteles.

Student Learning Outcomes

  • Students will demonstrate knowledge of anatomy and physiology of speech mechanisms (Goal 1)
  • Students will develop and implement evaluation plans that are appropriate for individual clients (Goal 1)
  • Students will develop and implement treatment plan that are appropriate for individual clients, specific populations and diverse clienteles (Goals 1 and 3)
  • Students will be able to demonstrate how to write clinical reports and treatment plans (Goal 1)
  • Students will understand and follow the ASHA Code of Ethics in all clinical experiences (Goal 3)
  • Students will demonstrate knowledge of basic concepts and principles of research design (Goal 2)
  • Students will apply evidence-based knowledge to assessment and interventions in clinical settings (Goal 2)

Visit the American Speech-Language-Hearing Association's website for their certification standards.

Graduate Coursework

The curriculum is designed to ensure that graduates have the disciplinary knowledge and skills, clinical preparation and dispositions to provide entry-level services to diverse clienteles and to meet the needs of their community. The specific coursework focuses on particular communication/swallowing disorders, how to diagnose and treat them and the non-medical needs of clients in diverse communities. Students will be given the opportunity to complete a minimum of 400 supervised clinical practice hours over the course of four full-time semesters with a clinical experience embedded in each semester.

It is designed to provide both the scientific and cultural foundations of human communication, disorders and differences. It is also designed to apply practice through clinical practicum experiences. The sequencing of the coursework builds foundational knowledge, dispositions and clinical practice through courses that focus on speech and communication/swallowing disorders, more specific courses that focus on particular speech communication disorders in specific populations (adults or children) while blending seminar coursework and clinical coursework for an integrated experience. Through the varied experiences students will be prepared to enter the workforce as speech-language pathologists immediately upon program completion.

Experiential Learning

As a student you will have the opportunity to observe in our on-campus clinic from day one and each semester in the program. In the spring semester and the second summer you will take a six credit externship in a school setting and in a medical setting to provide you with the experience across the scope and continuum of the speech language profession.

Externship Placements

The program has developed relationships with a vast array of partners, schools districts, medical facilities and long-term care facilities, to give you the experiences you need in the locations that are convenient to you. While most partnerships are in northwestern/western Pennsylvania and eastern Ohio, should you want to explore an externship location outside the region, you should consult the Clinical Director and the Program Director.

Student Services & Advising

Providing personalized attention to students is a hallmark of Thiel College. Upon matriculation each student is assigned an academic advisor who will meet with the student to develop an academic plan based upon the student’s preparation and career interests.

Professional Credentialing

The program will prepare you for licensure and educational credentialing in the state of Pennsylvania.  The program director can assist you with requirements and applications outside of Pennsylvania.

Nancy J. Antonino, Ph.D.
Nancy J. Antonino, Ph.D. nantonino@thiel.edu

Lecturer and Program Coordinator of Communication Sciences & Disorders, Department Chair


Mary Beth Mason, Ph.D.
Mary Beth Mason, Ph.D. mbmason@thiel.edu

Professor of Communication Sciences and Disorders & Program Director for Speech-Language Pathology


Laura Pickens, Ph.D. ‘06
Laura Pickens, Ph.D. ‘06 lpickens@thiel.edu

Associate Professor of Psychology, Department Chair


Greg Butcher, Ph.D.
Greg Butcher, Ph.D. gbutcher@thiel.edu

Associate Academic Dean for Student Success, Associate Professor of Neuroscience


Nicole Billak
Nicole Billak nbillak@thiel.edu

Adjunct Professor of Speech-Language Pathology

Admission to the Graduate Program

The Thiel College masters of science in speech-language pathology program strives to prepare graduates to provide quality entry-level speech-language services to a diverse clientele. This intensive, accelerated masters program will provide you with the knowledge and skills through challenging academic experiences and simultaneous clinical education to thrive as a practicing speech-language pathologist in fifteen months. You will become part of a healthcare team sooner and accelerate your career faster!

Candidate Requirements

  • Current Thiel College CSD Students and Alumni — personal statement/letter of intent, transcripts for all undergraduate coursework, and résumé.
  • Thiel College undergraduate students (not CSD) — personal statement/letter of intent, contact information for 3 recommendations, transcripts for all undergraduate coursework, and résumé.
  • Students from outside colleges/universities — personal statement/letter of intent, contact information for 3 recommendations, GRE scores, transcripts for all undergraduate coursework, and résumé.
  • Early Assurance program students (limited to college/universities with current articulation agreements with Thiel College MS-SLP program) — personal statement/letter of intent, contact information for 3 letters recommendations (one must be from a department chairperson), transcripts for all undergraduate coursework, and résumé.

Important Notes:

  • The personal statement/letter of intent should address the following: The Thiel College MS-SLP program expects students to be professional, inquisitive, and empathetic. What other qualities will you bring to the program that will help you prepare to be a competent clinician?
  • Your contacts for recommendations will receive an email with directions for electronically submitting their recommendations. No additional action is needed on your part.
  • Official GRE scores should be submitted to Thiel College using code 2910. You may upload your GRE score report with application materials for review. Official scores will be needed before program acceptance.
  • All applicants must complete an interview before a final admission decision will be made. You will be contacted via email to schedule the interview after all of your required application materials have been submitted.


All applicants from other institutions, please use the application link below or at the top of the page. Any applicant who is a current Thiel College student, Thiel alumni or a student from an EAP affiliated school, please contact Dr. Mary Beth Mason at mbmason@thiel.edu or 724-589-2298, or contact Jennifer Gongaware at jgongaware@thiel.edu or 724-589-2881 to receive your application.

Non-Thiel Students - Apply online today!

Current Thiel Students/Alumni - Contact Dr. Mary Beth Mason or Jennifer Gongaware

Financial Aid Information

All MS-SLP students will be charged the undergraduate tuition rate and will be awarded a significant graduate assistantship with admission to the program.

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Nancy J. Antonino, Ph.D.

Department Chair



Mary Beth Mason, Ph.D.

Program Director for Speech-Language Pathology