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Performing Arts

A student who graduates from Thiel College with a performing arts minor will:

  • demonstrate a basic knowledge of the elements of music and the basic principles and mechanics of acting, directing and design.
  • recognize characteristics of various musical and theatrical style periods.
  • demonstrate proficiency in individual skills needed for musical and theatrical performance through participation in a musical ensemble and theatrical production.
  • assist in the organization/production of musical and theatrical activities or programs in a school, church or community.

Minor Requirements (25-26 CH)

  • THAR 287 Theatre History I: To the Renaissance (3 CH) 
  • THAR 297 Theatre History II: Renaissance to Today (3 CH) 
  • THAR 257 Basic Acting (4 CH) 
  • THAR 347 Advanced Acting & Directing (4 CH) or THAR 217 Intro to Technical Theatre (3 CH)
  • MUS 115 Intro to Music: Music Theory (3 CH)
  • MUS 100 Music Appreciation (3 CH) or MUS 250 World Music (3 CH)
  • Private instrumental or voice lessons (3 CH) Ensemble participation (3 CH)