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Church Music

Professor Michael R. Bray works with student on a score of music

Listed below are the required courses for this minor.

In addition to the outcomes demonstrated through the music minor a student who graduates from Thiel College with a church music minor will:

  • accompany church hymns on the organ;
  • demonstrate performance techniques for handbell choirs;
  • and demonstrate basic career skills needed for a career as a church musician.

Minor Requirements (24 CH)

The requirements for the minor in church music include successful completion of the following courses for a total of 24 credits:

  • MUS 115 Intro. to Music: Music Theory I (3 CH)
  • MUS 154 Music Theory II (3 CH) 
  • MUS 224 Class Voice I (2 CH) 
  • MUS 244 Private Voice I
  • MUS 294 Private Organ (2 CH) 
  • Private lessons on one instrument or 2 additional credits of voice or organ (2 CH) 
  • MUS 354 History of Sacred Music (3 CH) 
  • MUS 364 Choral Conducting (2 CH) 
  • MUS 454 Church Music Practicum (2 CH) 
  • MUS 466 Thiel Choir (4 CH)
  • MUS 464 Thiel Handbell Choir (1 CH)