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Course Offerings

Dr. Butcher with students

NSCI 101: The College Brain
4 CH   /  Offered Every Fall   /  Lab Fee

This course will introduce various concepts in neuroscience through a focused study of the college-age brain. Specific neuroscience topics may include: sleep, brain-based learning, drugs, love and cognition. Additionally the course will heavily emphasize the process of science, experimental design, and quantitative analysis of data.

NSCI 125: The Science of Cooking
4 CH   /  Lab Fee

This lab course will examine the science behind the nearly universal experience of cooking. Students will use experimentation as they explore the biochemistry of food, food preservation, and the neurobiology of gustation (taste) and hunger.

NSCI 202: Introduction to Neuroscience
4 CH   /  Lab Fee

Introduces fundamental principles and concepts within the field of neuroscience. Topics may include neuronal structure/function, motor and sensory systems, memory, and behavior. The laboratory component provides a survey of common techniques through hands-on experimental procedures. Three one-hour lectures and one three-hour laboratory per week. (P: NSCI 101, BIO 145 or consent of the instructor)

NSCI 209: Neuropsychopharmacology
2 CH   /  Offered Every Spring   /  Lab Fee

Students will be able to understand and explain administration, pharmacokinetics, behavioral effects and drug interactions of psychoactive substances. Students will be able to identify major classes of psychoactive substances. Students will also be able to explain how psychoactive substances may be used to treat psychopathologies and disorders of the nervous system. The laboratory will study the modes of drug action using a variety of invertebrate and vertebrate model systems. (P: NSCI 202 or consent of instructor)

NSCI 250: Neuroscience Methods
4 CH

Course is offered pending approval.

NSCI 315: Topics in Neuroscience
3-4 CH

Specialized topics in Neuroscience. May be repeated with different topics. Offered periodically per instructor availability and student interest. (P: NSCI 109 or consent of instructor)

NSCI 333: Junior Seminar in Neuroscience
2 CH   /  Offered Every Spring   /  PIC

Provides the opportunity to investigate various career paths, develop a resume/cv and refine their critical thinking and presentation skills. (PIC; P junior standing or permission of instructor)

NSCI 409: Internship in Neuroscience
2 CH   /  WIC

An opportunity for junior or senior students to gain practical experience in a field related to their major. A log book will be required as well as a final paper in which the student will react to the internship both objectively and subjectively, correlating his or her academic knowledge with practical experience. A minimum of 40 hours of supervised experience per credit hour is generally required.

NSCI 444: Senior Seminar in Neuroscience
2 CH   /  Offered Every Spring   /  PIC

Provides the opportunity for students to analyze and critique various topics within the discipline. Emphasis is placed on journal club discussions and oral presentations. (PIC; P senior standing or permission of instructor)

NSCI 499: Independent Research
1-3 CH   /  Lab Fee

Students design and conduct a research project in an area of neuroscience. The research project must include library, laboratory, and/or field research and a written report in the format of a scientific publication. The project is done under the guidance of one faculty member and may be conducted for more than one semester.