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Mary Theresa Hall

Mary Theresa Hall, Ph.D.
Professor of English, Department Chair

📞 724-589-2154
 Greenville Hall 314

Dr. Mary Theresa Hall enjoys the teacher-student exchange and the research and critical inquiry that prompt learning and scholarship. A native of Pittsburgh, Dr. Hall received the B.A. degree in English and secondary certification in English and French from Seton Hill University; the M.A. degree in Literature from Carnegie Mellon University; and the Ph.D. from Duquesne University. She teaches a variety of courses, including: Honors Oral and Written Expression I and II; Oral and Written Expression; Introduction to Literature; Survey of British Literature I and II; The English Language (Linguistics); The Development of the Novel; and Seminars in The Tragic Spirit in World Literature, The Bible as Literature, and Chaucer and The Canterbury Tales.

Her publications and research interests include medieval literature, with an emphasis on Geoffrey Chaucer; Renaissance literature, with an emphasis on Ben Jonson and George Herbert; early 20th-century literature, with an emphasis on Gerard Manley Hopkins, T.S. Eliot, and Virginia Woolf; biography, and autobiography. Her doctoral dissertation was published as Country Parsons, Country Poets: George Herbert and Gerard Manley Hopkins as Spiritual Autobiographers. Her passion for teaching and lifelong learning prompts her to present at conferences and write articles and reviews in her discipline and on educational leadership, and motivates her students to deliver papers at annual English Majors conferences as well. She serves as advisor of Sigma Tau Delta, the international English honorary society, and as advisor of The Phoenix, the creative arts and literary journal. In 2002, she was chosen as Thiel College’s Distinguished Faculty Scholar; in 2003, as the Professor of the Year; in 2006, she was awarded the Distinguished Faculty Service Award;  and in 2013, the Distinguished Teacher Award.

“A work in progress” aptly describes Dr. Hall, who invites her students into the classroom of life where together they explore a new world of discovery and creativity.