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Kathryn Frantz

Kathryn K. Frantz, Ph.D.
Professor of Chemistry
📞 724-589-2113
 Academic Center

As an educator, my main goal is for all of my students to succeed, not only at Thiel, but in their future careers. I enjoy helping students enrich their learning about chemistry, themselves, and their community through tutoring, mentoring, and participation in outreach programs such as “Kids & Chemistry.” My interactions with my students and colleagues enhance my growth as a teacher as I strive to make a challenging subject interesting and enjoyable for my students. Some of my most treasured moments as a professor have been when my students are honored for their achievements; accepted into desired research, professional, and graduate programs; hired for new positions; or when they simply phone, text or email to inform me of their continuing successes.

My areas of expertise are organic chemistry, medicinal chemistry, and biochemistry. My research interests include the extraction, isolation, and characterization of medicinal compounds from natural materials, and the synthesis of biodiesel fuels.