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Anna Reinsel

Anna Reinsel, Ph.D. ’06
Associate Professor of Env. Science and Chemistry, Department Chair

📞 724-589-2821
 Academic Center 12

Scientific knowledge is one of the keys to achieving a sustainable future.  Environmental science is an interdisciplinary field that provides a big-picture understanding of the world and our influences on it while chemistry provides a way to analyze the composition of our Earth’s materials.  My analytical chemistry classes focus on learning the techniques and instrumentation used to collect, interpret and report data.  My goal for students is to be able to take the concepts and strategies gained from my classes and apply them to other classes, both science and non-science, and to all aspects of their lives.

My research plan is to study the use of nano-scale materials for environmental applications including the detection, control and remediation of environmental pollutants.  I am interested in investigating environmental issues on campus and in our community and relating those to issues on a global scale.