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Joe Scarpitti ’80

April 8

Former Thiel College professor Joe Scarpitti ’80 was the guest speaker for the Ruth A. Miller Senior Seminar on April 8, 2020. Scarpitti spoke to the students about the importance of a liberal arts education and provided them with several life lessons, such as realizing that anything is possible and recognizing the importance of staying optimistic in tough times. Photo from last year’s presentation.

“Lessons Learned:

Do everything in your life humbly and with grace.

Failure is simply a part of the process. Do not let the fear of failure limit your risk taking.

Find your bliss and live a life that fulfills your true passions.

Wake up every day with a smile and a mindset ready to attain your goals.”—Robert Micsky ’20

“He began talking about our journey and the importance of making it our own and not for anyone else. You have to start out with a plan and take inventory of yourself. I really liked what he said about looking at it like building your personal resume of your life. It is just as important to have a personal resume, as it is to have a professional one.”—Brenna Parsley ’20

“The last thing he discussed was his eighth wonder of the world. This turned out to be an acronym: Plan/Prepare, Read, Attitude, Yes, Enthusiasm, and Respect/Repay. He discussed his connection to the Lord and how this acronym reminds him to not only pray but to be his best self. Mr. Scarpitti ended his presentation with the Tim McGraw song, “Humble and Kind” and not only encouraged us to live our best lives, but to show the world our best selves.”—Carrie Severt ’20

“One of the main points of Joe’s presentation that stuck out to me was the list of qualities possessed by many liberal arts college graduates. He said he always took it into account when he was interviewing students with liberal arts degrees. Just by him saying that, it gave me a ton of confidence knowing that my classmates and I are ready to take the next step and the education we have received at Thiel is top notch. A few of the qualities he listed include, the ability to listen and learn, the ability to talk with anyone, and (how) they nurture and empower the people around them.”—Griffin Curry ’20

“Then came respect, having respect for yourself, others, and your career can go a long way. Lastly, he spoke about prayer. Prayer is something we all need during these hard times and should do for others. Having faith and saying a little prayer every day makes all those other objectives possible. Those objectives Joe spoke to us about are great tools for everyone. At times some might be harder to achieve than others, but we must keep working towards them. We all have our idea of success, but the foundation of how we accomplish them is the same. Building our life compass and the foundation of our journey is key, even though it's not always easy. Having faith in God is what makes it possible.”—Annmarie Moore ’20

“Joe’s speech was chock full of valuable life lessons. One which received a considerable amount of emphasis was that we must stay curious, mentally, physically, and spiritually. Another was that we must find our passion, and once that passion has been found, we must follow it with zeal. The last lesson that was emphasized was that we must plan ahead, because failing to plan is planning to fail.”—William Lingard ’21