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Carl Hoffman, D.O. ’69, H’10

March 11, 2020

Carl Hoffman Jr., D.O. ’69, H’10 continued his record-run of Ruth A. Miller Senior Seminar speaking engagements on March 11, 2020. He gave 11 keys to success and shared that students should make a commitment to hard work, to surround themselves with smart and trustworthy people and that they should share the rewards of success.

“He began a family practice in 1975 while working at a hospital and helping with medical needs of prisons. He founded Pennsylvania Institutional Health Services which later became PrimeCare Medical. He coached ice hockey for 32 years.”—George Cupec ’21

“Our senior seminar speaker for the session held on March 11, 2020 was Dr. Carl Hoffman. Dr. Hoffman, a graduate of Thiel in 1969, has been a guest speaker for a record number of times at the Ruth Miller Senior Seminar. Being a proud Thiel graduate, Carl loves coming back to campus and enjoys speaking to students. He even made it a point to mention some of his proudest honors such as giving a commencement speech in 2008, receiving an honorary doctorate in 2010 and winning the Haller Institution’s Entrepreneur of the Year award in 2005.” —Charlie Lichtenwalter ’21

“To finish his speech, Carl covered some key life tips to always follow, some of the most impactful ones were be totally dedicated, be willing to commit to hard work, be loyal, share the profit by rewarding those who are loyal and hardworking, work for success every day and never give up, always be a man or woman who takes responsibility, be kind and gentle, be religious, touch a life and give back to those who gave to you.” —William Lingard ’21

“While at Thiel, he was a biology undergraduate assistant as well as a brother of Phi Theta Phi. He was one of the original brothers to dream up the annual walkathon that is still done every year by the fraternity.” —Brenna Parsley ’20

“I enjoyed hearing from Dr. Hoffman because he was able to share with us the rough road he had to take to get where he is today. It’s always nice to hear other stories of the struggles they have faced and how they overcame them. You never know the roadblocks that will be put in your way or the doors that will be shut to the path you thought you would take. When one door shuts another will open but you have to choose to make the changes to go through that new door. Dr. Hoffman ended his speech with his motto ‘faith is a substance of things hoped for,’ and I think it is an appropriate way to end my paper as well.” —Annamarie Moore ’20