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Damen Taylor ‘95

March 25

Damen Taylor ’95 (shown above from last year’s appearance at the seminar) was the guest speaker for the second online Ruth A. Miller Senior Seminar on March 25, 2020. Taylor discussed the Four Fs—focus, faith, family and finish—and his love of Thiel College and the value the College continues giving to its graduates.

“Damen has already become somewhat of a mentor to me after the senior dinner, we had connected on social media, and he has already given me some helpful advice and tips to help put myself out there in the business world. I am truly honored to have met him, and I look forward to all the advice and help that he may contribute to helping me get to where I want to be.”—Alyssa Vestal ’20

“Damen Taylor began our meeting by getting to know each student individually. This meant a lot to me and showed the true respect he has for Thiel College students. From the beginning, he displayed his passion for the campus, and it made me very comfortable in hearing his presentation. Along with his personal passion for being a Thiel graduate, he explained how honored we should feel to have that accomplishment in our near future. Only about thirty-five percent of citizens in the United States attain a college education, and it is a defining moment in our life that impacts our future success.”—Robert Micsky ’20

“Damen goes above and beyond to give back to Thiel. He stated that he lives by the four Fs. These Fs are faith, family, focus and finish. He stated that we should have faith in God but also faith that we can accomplish anything. He stated that family is the greatest blessing we get in life. If we have a goal or task, we must stay focused on that task. Finally, it is important that we finish. He said if you say you are going to do something, you had better do it. To this day, Damen is continuously recognized as an outstanding worker, and he currently is employed as a school business manager at Penn Hills Charter School of Entrepreneurship.”—Justin Pearce ’20

“To finish, Damen went over some important life lessons that he deemed important enough to pass onto the students. Some that stood out were, you won’t be successful right away, however, with hard work, patience and faith, everything will fall into place, life can be unpredictable, so never get too comfortable, and stay in touch with Thiel because Thiel will be a great asset to us throughout our careers.” —William Lingard ’21

“During his time at Thiel, Damen experienced a lot of loss. He lost five family members including his father. Because of this, he built up a strong family at Thiel. He built a close circle that he is still close with today.”—George Cupec ’21