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Commercial Art (B.A.)

A fine art major refines her skill in painting class

The commercial art major builds on Thiel College’s long-standing relationship with the Art Institute of Pittsburgh (AIP) and requires that students complete the equivalent of one year’s academic study at AIP, usually in the junior year.

The commercial art major represents a more focused course of study with logical and appropriate course offerings that establish a broad but flexible foundation necessary for students in preparation for careers in the commercial arts.

A student who graduates from Thiel College with a major in commercial art will:

  • have a foundational experience in the visual arts
  • possess basic art making skills and related technology necessary for post baccalaureate/ graduate study or employment in arts-related fields
  • possess an aesthetic value system and critical thinking skills necessary in creating and evaluating commercial art
  • possess a comprehensive foundational knowledge of the history of art

All commercial art majors must participate in a “Sophomore Portfolio” review process where declared majors meet with the art faculty to evaluate their progress and establish goals/ expectations for their future studies at the Art Institute of Pittsburgh. The Senior Seminar serves as a capstone course creating work for the senior exhibition as well as generating a thesis statement summarizing their experience at Thiel. A senior exhibition of art work/project presentations is a graduation requirement for all commercial art majors.

Major Requirements (68 CH)

  • ART 110 Drawing I (4 CH)
  • ART 210 Drawing II (4 CH)
  • ART 120 Painting I (4 CH)
  • ART 130 Sculpture I (4 CH)
  • ART 220 Painting II (4 CH)
  • ART 230 Sculpture II (4 CH)
  • Art Elective 200 or 300 level (3-4 CH)
  • Art History 100 Level (3 CH)
  • Art History  200 Level (3 CH )
  • ART 260 Intro to Graphic Design (3 CH)
  • ART 401 Senior Seminar (4 CH)
  • AIP Transferred Credits (30 CH)

Recommended Four-Year Schedule

Items in bold are strongly recommended to be taken during prescribed semester. Items in italics with ** may have more flexibility regarding scheduling. Students should complete Drawing I and II by the end of their freshman year. Intro. to Graphic Design, Painting I, Sculpture I and Art History II are to be completed by the end of the students’ sophomore year. Sophomore Review to be taken during the students’ fourth semester. Senior Seminar to be taken spring semester of senior year. Students graduating in December must take the seminar the spring semester prior to graduation.

  • First year, first semester
    • Drawing I
    • SEMS 100
    • Other Core Requirements
    • Oral & Written Expression I
  • First year, second semester
    • Drawing II
    • Sculpture I
    • College Algebra
    • Other Core Requirements
  • Second year, third semester
    • Painting I
    • Intro. to Graphic Design
    • SEMS 200 Western Traditions
    • Foreign Language I
  • Second year, fourth semester 
    • Painting II and/or Sculpture II
    • ** Art History II
    • Foreign Language II
    • Scriptures
    • (WIC)
    • Sophomore Review
  • Third year, junior year (AIP)
    • Transfer credits after this year: 30 credits
  • Fourth year, fifth semester
    • Lab Science
    • Electives (WIC)
    • Art History I
    • Taking Care of Your Health Physical Education class
  • Fourth year, sixth semester
    • Senior Seminar
    • Painting III, Sculpture III, or Drawing III **
    • Physical Education class
    • Electives (WIC)