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Course Offerings

ART 101: Art History, Pre-History to 1800
3 CH

A chronological history of art surveying the Ancient World, the Middle Ages, the Renaissance and up to the beginning of the 19th century. Emphasis will be given to painting and sculpture with consideration given to the influences of invention, technological advances, social structure and religion. The course will include major contributions made by European and American cultures with emphasis given to international aspects and cross-cultural influences such as Japanese, African and Mexican.

ART 110: Drawing I
4 CH   /  Offered Every Semester   /  Lab Fee

This is a beginning drawing course designed to teach students how to draw, and more importantly how to see. This course will emphasize drawing from observation. Concepts or themes to be investigated in this course include line, shape, value, texture, 2-D composition and linear perspective. A variety of dry and wet media will be explored throughout the course.

ART 120: Painting I
4 CH   /  Offered Every Semester   /  Lab Fee

This course is designed to introduce students to basic painting skills and techniques. Elements and principles of design will be introduced as they relate to the painting medium with emphasis placed on basic technical skills and color theory and the development of personal style. The still life will be emphasized along with an introduction to the figure. (No P although ART 110 is preferred.)

ART 130: Sculpture I
4 CH   /  Offered Every Semester   /  Lab Fee

This course introduces beginning students to the visual, material and conceptual concerns inherent to three dimensional design and sculpture. Using a variety of materials including foam-core, wire, plaster and clay, students will develop a greater familiarity with the creation of form and composition in three dimensions and how to begin to relate these processes to the creation of sculpture.

ART 132: 3D Materials and Techniques
4 CH   /  Lab Fee

A course designed to introduce the beginning art student to the basic visual, material, technical and conceptual skills necessary for 3-D design and sculpture. Experience and skill in 3-D composition is critical to all who have interest in further study in the arts. Materials used will include wire, foam core and hot melt glue, clay and plaster. Lab fee $75. Offered infrequently.

ART 140: Ceramics
4 CH   /  Offered Every Semester   /  Lab Fee

This course is designed to introduce students to the basic techniques of clay hand-building and wheel-throwing and the glazing and firing process. Using clay, students will create traditional forms and learn to use glazing techniques for both function and aesthetic. Finished pieces will be assessed during group critiques. No prerequisite. Lab fee $175

ART 181: Architecture: Theory and Practice
4 CH   /  Offered Every Spring   /  Lab Fee

A course designed to give students a historic as well as hands-on introduction to the world of architecture. Classes meet for three hours, two times a week, for a total of six hours per week. Class meetings are divided between traditional lecture and discussion, quizzes, papers, and studio time. Using history as a guide, class lectures will survey the major periods and developments in architecture and the individual structures best exemplifying these styles and techniques. Studio time will consist of several individual and group projects, using different methods and materials covered in class, to create models of famous structures. Final projects will be individually designed. Lab fee $50

ART 201: Art History, Modern Art History
3 CH

An examination of the development of modern art through the study of painting and sculpture beginning at the 17th century and continuing to the present time. The course will include major contributions made by European and American cultures with emphasis given to international aspects and cross cultural influences such as Japanese, African and Mexican.

ART 210: Drawing II
4 CH   /  Offered Every Spring   /  Lab Fee

This course is intended to be a continuation of concepts and techniques learned in ART 110 Drawing I. Drawing from observation will be emphasized. The still life, landscape and figure will be explored with emphasis placed on the figure. Students will also investigate drawing as a mode of expression through historical and contemporary theory and practice. (P: ART 110)

ART 214: Women in Art
3 CH

This course surveys the history of women in art, both as the subjects and creators, in Western Europe and America from medieval to modern times The class is organized chronologically and thematically, contrasting feminist and conventional perspectives, and examining the religious, mythological, and secular images of women in art. Attention will be given to the creation, modification, and persistence of these images and students will consider the social and historical contexts in which women produced art and the challenges this created. Class time will be divided between lecture, discussions of readings, and presentations.

ART 220: Painting II
4 CH   /  Offered Every Spring   /  Lab Fee

This course is designed to further the development of skills and foundations presented in Art 120 Painting I including painting from observation, color mixing, composition and craftsmanship. The course will also require the student to investigate more complex issues such as developing a personal voice, analyzing content and building a cohesive body of work. (P: ART 120)

ART 230: Sculpture II
4 CH   /  Offered Every Spring   /  Lab Fee

Building on themes learned in ART 130 Sculpture I, the purpose of this course is to reinforce and develop the visual, material and conceptual concerns inherent to sculpture and to introduce figurative concerns. Upon successful completion of this course, students will have a foundational competency with the conception and execution of sculptural compositions and the figure. (P: ART 130)

ART 232: Clay Sculpture and Casting
4 CH   /  Offered Every Fall   /  Lab Fee

A course that explores the technical and creative process of creating 3-D sculptures in clay. The class uses direct modeling techniques with clay to make finished, fired, and glazed sculptures. Students also conceive, execute, and cast a small sculpture in aluminum, using the lost-wax casting technique. Lab fee $100.

ART 250: 19th Century Art
3 CH   /  WIC

This course will focus on artists of the 19th century and explore how they reacted to cultural and social developments of their time. It is a discussion-based class which will build on the fundamentals learned in Survey I and II. However, unlike a survey class which covers many artists, ART 250 will study only a few artists in-depth. Assigned readings will not only make up our basis of knowledge, but will help cultivate an understanding of scholarly writing that will aid in the several writing assignments on which the grade is based.

ART 255: The Pop Art Revolution
3 CH

Pop Art contested the relevance of America's highly regarded Abstract Expressionist movement and ridiculed the very foundations of the art world. In this course we will explore this "unholy assault on holy ground" through its precursors, emergence, philosophy and key figures in America, Britain and Europe. We will conclude with a consideration of Pop Art as it exists today and the popular culture that inspires it.

ART 260: Printmaking
4 CH   /  Offered Every Fall   /  Lab Fee

This is a course intended to give an introduction to printmaking techniques to the beginning art student. The course will introduce methods of printmaking including relief printing and intaglio. Emphasis will be placed on technical proficiency and concept development. The course will also introduce multi-color and edition printing. Special emphasis will be placed on studio practices required in a communal working environment. The instructor will also introduce printmaking in an historical context through slide lectures and demonstration presentations. (P: ART 110 or by consent of the professor)

ART 307: Fifteen Artworks that Shook the 20h Century
3 CH

This course focuses on the fifteen most influential, controversial and revolutionary European and American artworks of the 20th century. By honing in on just a few objects, we can better explore their evolution, effect, context and the qualifiers used to categorize their importance. Using these works as the starting point, the class becomes a study of artifacts within their time, social, political and economic history and the institutions of the art world itself. The course relies heavily on outside reading, class participation and discussion.

ART 310: Drawing III
4 CH   /  Offered Every Spring   /  Lab Fee

The course will require the student to investigate more complex issues such as developing a personal voice, incorporating context and building a cohesive body of work. Students will build on technical, material and conceptual issues introduced in Art 210 Drawing II offering students an opportunity to develop a self-directed portfolio of drawings. Emphasis will be placed on synthesis of form and content. (P: ART 210)

ART 312: Survey of American Art
3 CH

This course is a study of American art and the political, social and cultural issues that were unique to the United States. We will focus on major art works, including such media as painting, sculpture and architecture from approximately 1700 to 1980. (P: ART 101, ART 201)

ART 320: Painting III
4 CH   /  Offered Every Spring   /  Lab Fee

Designed for advanced painting students, this course will require the student to master technical and material concerns while investigating more complex issues such as developing a personal voice, incorporating content and building a cohesive body of work. Students will be required to develop a motif on their own with the expectation that they are able to defend their position during group and individual critiques. (P: ART 220)

ART 330: Sculpture III
4 CH   /  Offered Every Spring   /  Lab Fee

An upper-level course, Sculpture III is designed to expand visual, material and conceptual skills developed in earlier sculpture courses. Pursuing more individualized projects with the emphasis on content, students will study more specialized sculpture methods including welding/fabrication, bronze casting and multimedia/assemblage. Upon successful completion of this course students will have a more advanced ability in the conception and execution of sculptural compositions. (P: ART 230)

ART 391: Seminar in Art
1-2 CH   /  Offered Every Semester

A group of three or more upper-level students have the opportunity to initiate a seminar designed to explore topics of special interest in art. A faculty member or members works closely with the students in the planning, execution and evaluation of the seminar. Open to students who have 1) demonstrated ability for creative study or work, 2) prepared a written proposal for a seminar that includes objectives, experiences, strategies and materials, and 3) obtained the consent of a faculty member or members, who will supervise and assign letter grades. Each seminar proposal must be approved by consensus of the art department faculty.

ART 401: Senior Seminar
4 CH   /  Offered Every Spring

Senior Seminar is intended to be a capstone experience, this course is required for all art department majors and minors. Pursuing demonstrated areas of interest, students will embark on individual projects, guided readings and professional presentation in anticipation of the required Senior Exhibition. Group and one-on-one critiques will focus on advanced compositional material and technical concerns as they relate to more personal expression where successful "results" must be based on stated "intentions." A 15- to 20-page thesis statement generated in two stages along with the work will help serve as the final assessment tool of the students' success in synthesizing their arts experience. (P: open to senior art majors and minors or by consent of the professor)

ART 406: Art Semester
1-16 CH   /  Offered Every Semester

The Art Semester is a special opportunity program for qualified upper-level students to work on individualized study projects in art. Programs may be pursued both on- and off-campus. On-campus Art Semester students will carry out projects under the supervision of two instructors on an open studio basis. Two or more instructors must agree to supervise and evaluate all work. An off-campus Art Semester could include such programs as travel/research, work-study, apprenticeship and study at both degree and non-degree granting institutions. Applicants for the Art Semester must have: 1) a 3.0 GPA for all art courses completed or 2) the permission of the Art Department. All students must submit to the department a proposal for their study that includes a rationale, study objectives, strategies and materials. Normally, the maximum number of credits available would be 16. However, the program could be extended in certain instances to one year for a maximum of 32 credits.

ART 455: Cooperative Education
Credit Hours Vary   /  Offered Every Semester

ART 490: Extended Studies in Art
1-16 CH   /  Offered Every Semester

A course open to students who have successfully completed a basic course in a given studio area or in art history, and who wish to further their studies in that particular area. An upper-level student may elect up to 16 credits of Extended Studies with written permission of the instructor. (Forms available from the instructor.) Credits can be taken in one art area or in several; however, the total cannot exceed 16. If any student desires to take additional credits beyond the 16-credit limit in Extended Studies, permission must be granted by the student's adviser, the chairperson of the Art Department, the instructor involved and the Academic Dean.