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On Campus Recruiting

The Career Development Center staff is available to assist you with your employment needs and to connect you with well qualified candidates for full-time, part-time, or internship positions. You are welcome to recruit students on campus, or send employment listings to us. Openings are posted on the Career Development Center job board.

The Career Development Center provides services to perspective employers such as:

  • On-campus Recruitment Facilities
  • Resume Referral Service
  • Post Job Listings
  • Website Links
  • Information Sessions
  • Student/Alumni Reference Referrals

Thiel College is a member of the WestPacs Job Fair Group, The Liberal Arts Recruiting Consortium (LARC), and The Western PA Accounting Consortium for small, private, liberal arts, sciences and professional studies colleges.

Please contact the Director of the Career Development Center to arrange a visit or to request additional assistance.

Thiel College Employer Recruiting Policy*

Thiel College Career Development Center has adopted this employer recruitment policy to ensure that our students and alumni have quality experiences with the companies that recruit on our campus. This policy covers any employer wishing to recruit for jobs and internships, both on campus and using our job posting database, College Central. Thiel College reserves the right to refuse access to recruiters that do not fit with the missions of our institution and the Career Development Center and/or recruiters who commit any of the following:

  • Unethical hiring practices
  • Require personal information such as bank or social security numbers at time of application
  • Misrepresentation through dishonest or absence of information
  • Fraud
  • Harassment of Thiel students, alumni, staff or faculty
  • Breach of confidentiality
  • Failure to adhere to Thiel College policies and local, state or federal laws

Employers violating any of these policies will lose their access to recruit at Thiel.

Third Party Recruiters

Any agency, organization, or individual recruiting candidates for temporary, part-time, or full-time opportunities that are not their own staffing needs are considered by Thiel College to be third party recruiters. These recruiters will be required to disclose the identification of the employers for whom they are recruiting to the Director of the Career Development Center before they will gain access to Thiel students and alumni.

Foreign-Based Companies

Companies with no U.S. locations and third party recruiters who represent such companies must provide the Director of the Career Development Center two reference letters from two different career services professionals representing U.S. colleges or universities before they will be granted access to Thiel students and alumni.

Investments in Recruiting

Any employer requiring a non-refundable investment or upfront fee to initiate the hiring process, or as a condition of employment, will be denied access to Thiel students and alumni.

Door to Door Sales

Companies who are recruiting for positions involving door-to-door sales, and/or pay their employees with cash will be denied access to Thiel students and alumni.


The Thiel College Career Development Center reserves the right to investigate any student, alumni, staff or faculty complaints about employers recruiting at Thiel. If Thiel determines that the complaint is justified, that employer will lose their access to Thiel students and alumni. Thiel may also report the offending organization to appropriate agencies. The Thiel College Career Development Center will provide written notification to the employer if an investigation is being conducted.

* updated 10/26/11