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Transfer Students Records Process

Thiel welcomes transfer students for both the fall and spring semesters, and is committed to making your transfer as smooth as possible. Our goal is to help you succeed.

A student transferring from another accredited school of higher education to Thiel College will:

  • Fulfill the general college (IR) requirements of Thiel in effect at the time of his or her admission.
  • Satisfy all requirements for the major as stipulated by the academic department or the major.
  • Successfully complete at least the last 30 academic credit hours at Thiel.

The transferring student is responsible for having an official transcript forwarded from all institutions previously attended to the Academic Records Office to be evaluated by the registrar:

  • Grades of “C-” and higher will be accepted for transfer credit. However, only credits will transfer.
  • Transfer grades will not be calculated in the Thiel grade point average.
  • Only credit accepted at the time of matriculation will be recorded as part of the student’s record in a degree program.
Advanced Standing

Advanced standing is the record of the course credits accepted by Thiel from another institution. The registrar prepares a statement of equivalency in regard to requirements for the core, and major program(s), and electives.

  • The maximum number of advanced standing credits that may be transferred to Thiel is 94.
  • Transfer students with fewer than 45 credits must complete eight credits of Western Humanities courses.
  • Transfer students with more than 45 credits, but fewer than 76, need to complete at least one course in Western Humanities.
  • Transfer students with 76 or more credits of advanced standing and at least one science course with a laboratory need to complete at least four credits of Global Heritage.
  • Second degree candidates must complete requirements for the major and elective credits and must complete at least 30 credit hours at Thiel.