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The Thiel Fund

March Matchness, a special drive that benefits The Thiel Fund, will last throughout the month. Don’t miss this opportunity to double the impact of your gift!

We're asking alumni to make a gift to the Thiel Fund this March, with a goal of getting 150 donors to participate. Rick Huether '74 will generously match every dollar raised throughtout the month of March up to a total of $20,000.

Make your gift three ways ...

Thank you to our all-star lineup!

The following donors have already supported March Matchness. Let us know if you've donated and your name's not on the list yet! E-mail

  1. Mr. Bartlett M. Adams
  2. Mrs. Judith Arnold
  3. Mr. Robert F. Bailey
  4. Mrs. Barbara Palmer
  5. Ms. Denise E. Bendle
  6. Mrs. Charlene R. Beno
  7. Mr. Charles M. Bishop
  8. Rev. Mont O. Bowser
  9. Mr. William Alden Bright III
  10. Mrs. Patricia J. Muller
  11. Dr. Charles E. Burlingame
  12. Mrs. Sandra J. Caswell
  13. Mr. Terry Cooper
  14. Mrs. Mary E. Cronin
  15. Mrs. Peggy J. Darr
  16. Mrs. Connie C. Davis
  17. Mr. O. H. Sam Falck, Jr.
  18. Mr. Thomas L. Feldmann
  19. Col. Silas Felton
  20. Lt. Col. James R. Frantz
  21. Ms. Mary Teresa Golden
  22. Dr. Wayne A. Hale
  23. Mrs. Virginia E. Herchert
  24. Rev. Dr. W. Lee Hicks
  25. Dr. Linda G. Hiles
  26. Mr. R. Chris Houck
  27. Miss Darlene M. Huegel
  28. Mr. Harry T. Jacobs III
  29. Mrs. Marilys Johnson
  30. Miss Marie Julian
  31. Rev. Warren S. Karshin
  32. Rev. James L. Kimmell
  33. Mr. Thomas J. Kocott
  34. Mr. Paul R. Kunda
  35. Rev. Ralph F. Kusserow
  36. Rev. J. Kenneth Laber
  37. Mr. Michael A. Lanciotti Jr.
  38. Mr. Thomas J. Larkin Jr.
  39. Rev. Dr. Elwood H. Leister
  40. Mr. Robert E. Leonard
  41. Mrs. Janine Mackert
  42. Mr. James W. MacMurray, Jr.
  43. Ms. Virginia Moszkowicz
  44. Ms. Karen C. Mueller
  45. Miss Theresa M. Nagy
  46. Mr. John W. Noble, CPA
  47. Mrs. Betty Ogilbee
  48. Dr. Sharon Daloz Parks
  49. Mrs. Judith L. McChesney
  50. Dr. William F. Pfeifer III
  51. Mr. Jeffrey J. Plumer
  52. Dr. Charles K. Psychos
  53. Ms. Marilyn R. Renkey
  54. Mrs. Betty Rogerson
  55. Mrs. Kathleen M. Schmidt
  56. Mr. Michael J. Seman
  57. Mrs. Marilyn R. Sommers
  58. Mr. Wade A. Spence
  59. Mr. H. Winfield Sturgeon
  60. Ms. Karen S. Swan
  61. Dr. Barry Towers
  62. Mr. Jeffrey J. Twining
  63. Mrs. Kathleen Taylor
  64. Rev. Ralph Walter Jr.
  65. Ms. Barbara J. Waugaman
  66. Dr. James V. Wehner
  67. Mr. Richard E. Weiss
  68. Mr. Glenn C. Welsh
  69. Mr. David T. Whelan
  70. Mr. Grant Williams
  71. Mrs. Denise C. Willson
  72. Mrs. Katherine A Wolfe
  73. Mr. Robert D. Wolfe
  74. Mr. Timothy C. Zeffiro
  75. Mr. Timothy P. Black
  76. Mrs. M. Beth Jones
  77. Mr. Gregory S. White
  78. Mr. Steven K. Reedy
  79. Mrs. Susan L. Fisher
  80. Mr. Matthew W. Hughes
  81. Ms. Lou Ann Miller
  82. Mr. Stephen I. Large
  83. Ms. Janet M. Heath
  84. Ms. Amy L. Hackman
  85. Mrs. Peggy Reynolds
  86. Ms. Nancy L. Hanks
  87. Ms. Leeann Steel
  88. Mrs. Polly Eddy
  89. Dr. David W. Marczely
  90. Mr. Jeffrey A. Wallace
  91. Mr. David T. DiGennaro
  92. Mr. David S. Schreiber
  93. Ms. Sara E. Wise
  94. Mr. Harlan M. Eye
  95. Mr. Stanley W. Benefiel
  96. Mrs. Ruby A. Mays
  97. Prof. Naomi J. Bortner
  98. Mr. Nicholas C. Travaglianti
  99. Mrs. Nichole L. Sible
  100. Ms. Allison M. Skebo
  101. Ms. Megan E. Crissman
  102. Prof. David M. Miller
  103. Dr. Doris L. Zimmerman
  104. Mrs. Dannie L. Bair
  105. Dr. Michael R. Baylor
  106. Ms. Janet L. Bellak
  107. Mr. Herbert F. Burger
  108. Mr. Kenneth E. Caine III
  109. Mrs. Jane R. Chambers
  110. Mrs. Adele D. Dengel
  111. Mrs. Janet Donnell
  112. Mrs. Frances Espey
  113. Dr. John J. Fabian
  114. Mr. James W. Getz
  115. Mr. Daniel M. Hills
  116. Dr. Robert F. Horsch
  117. Mr. R. Brandon James
  118. Mr. Beecher H. Klingensmith
  119. Mrs. Laura A. Laslow
  120. Mrs. Bonnie J. McCabe
  121. Mr. Douglas F. Meyer
  122. Mr. Terry F. Meyers
  123. Mrs. Sherry J. Miles
  124. Dr. Joseph T. Nairn
  125. Rev. Fred S. Opalinski
  126. Mr. Joseph T. Pan
  127. Mrs. Agnes L. Peterson
  128. Rev. Edward B. Saling
  129. Mr. Paul H. Saternow
  130. Dr. Nancy C. Sederberg
  131. Mr. Philip W. Seiberling, Jr.
  132. Mrs. Roberta Skopow
  133. Ms. Cynthia L. Tkach
  134. Mrs. Beryl S. Sortino
  135. Mr. George A. Summerhill, Jr.
  136. Mrs. Elizabeth Thul
  137. Mrs. Ruth R. Olson
  138. Mr. Robert P. Wetzler
  139. Ms. Christine M. Van Dusen
  140. Mr. Robert L. Work
  141. Mr. Raymond A. Young
  142. Mrs. Nancy V. Kuss
  143. Mr. William J. Zambelli
  144. Dr. Shannon Pursel
  145. Mr. George D. Dufala, Jr.
  146. Mrs. Cara A. Lapic
  147. Mrs. Carol Rhodes
  148. Mr. Tim Williams
  149. Mrs. Joan A. Krodel
  150. Mr. David W. Hendricks
  151. Mr. Antonio M. Quarterman
  152. Mr. and Mrs. Ernest J. Visnicky
  153. Mr. Glenn C. Riley

More about The Thiel Fund

Everyone. Every gift. Every year. Annual gifts to The Thiel Fund go exclusively to the areas of greatest need of the College, funding need based scholarships, academic programming, athletics, and campus improvements. This fund annually provides for the challenges we face here and now, such as unseen expenses, student needs and special opportunities.

Your support makes it possible to:

  • Assist students of great promise, but limited means to enroll through scholarships.
  • Attract and retain high quality faculty.
  • Strengthen athletic programs across 24 intercollegiate teams and intramural activities, and enhance fitness facilities for students.
  • Provide technology needs to all students, regardless of their socioeconomic background.
  • Fulfill our institutional commitment to providing a quality higher education to every student.

Please make your gift before June 30, 2015.

To learn more, contact Leta Jeffers, Director of The Thiel Fund, at 724-589-FUND (3863) or