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Patrick Hecking

Patrick C. Hecking, Ph.D.
Professor of Physics, Department Chair

📞 724-589-2104

Exploratory DepartmentPhysics Department

Melissa Oakes

Melissa S. Oakes, C.P.A., C.F.E., M.B.A. ’03
Associate Professor of Business Administration and Accounting

📞 724-589-2046

Business DepartmentExploratory Department

Laura Pickens

Laura Pickens, Ph.D. ’06
Assistant Professor of Psychology, Department Chair

📞 724-589-2047

Exploratory DepartmentPsychology Department

Anna Reinsel

Anna Reinsel, Ph.D. ’06
Assistant Professor of Env. Science and Chemistry, Department Chair

📞 724-589-2821

Chemistry DepartmentEnvironmental Science DepartmentExploratory Department

Arthur White

Arthur A. White Jr., Ph.D.
Professor of Philosophy, Department Chair

📞 724-589-2091

Exploratory DepartmentPhilosophy Department