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Alecia Eppley

Alecia M. Eppley, M.S.
Adjunct Professor of Chemistry
📞 724-589-2098

Chemistry Department

Kathryn Frantz

Kathryn K. Frantz, Ph.D.
Professor of Chemistry
📞 724-589-2113

Chemistry Department

Guru Khalsa

G. Rattan K. Khalsa, Ph.D.
Professor of Chemistry – currently on sabbatical
📞 724-589-2049

Chemistry Department

Anna Reinsel

Anna Reinsel, Ph.D. ’06
Assistant Professor of Env. Science and Chemistry, Department Chair
📞 724-589-2821

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Christopher Stanisky

Christopher M. Stanisky, Ph.D.
Associate Professor of Chemistry, Department Chair
📞 724-589-2132

Chemistry Department