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Thiel College employs students wherever possible and any student can apply. The College tries to provide campus employment to applicants with the greatest financial need, however a majority of other positions are filled through the recommendation of the work supervisors. The final decision for all hiring rests with the Human Resources Office. Updated job postings and time sheets for current student workers are available in Moodle.

  • Students may hold only one job per academic year
  • Most students chosen for employment for the academic year are notified during the previous spring
  • Students are paid on an hourly basis for an average of seven hours/wk.
  • Students are reminded that all required paperwork must be completed prior to employment (i.e. W4, I9) - forms available in the Human Resources office

The I-9 (Employment Eligibility Form) is a government-required document. When you complete the I-9, you will need to provide original documents to Human Resources as proof of employment verification. For a list of the approved documents, see page 9 of the I-9 form.

Interested in an internship? Learn more about internships in the Career Development Center section.

How do I get a job on campus?

To get started, complete a student employment application online. Please note that completing an application is not a guarantee that you will be offered student employment.

HR makes every attempt to match you with the appropriate departments. However, it is recommended that you contact the departments you listed on the application to introduce yourself. Many positions are also obtained by word-of-mouth and referrals, so be sure to ask around! Once selected, an interview with the department may be required. You will be notified if you have been hired and then required to complete the necessary paperwork in the HR office. Once complete, the department supervisor will be notified and you're permitted to schedule hours and begin working.

Notes and Special Conditions

Students who have been admitted or continue to be enrolled at Thiel are given priority for student employment. Summer full-time employment for students is also by priority. Only after all applications from such students have been exhausted may non-Thiel College persons be employed.

Students receiving full tuition benefits, either through parent employment at Thiel or a participating tuition exchange institution, or as a result of receiving a full-tuition scholarship, may be considered for any remaining student employment opportunities, but such employment may affect other forms of financial aid for which the student may be eligible.

The College normally does not permit the employment of any close relatives within the same department. Likewise, persons in a close personal relationship should not normally be employed in a supervisor-subordinate relationship, in order to avoid favoritism or the appearance of preferential treatment. Please see the Thiel College Employee Handbook for more information regarding employment of relatives.